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Daud Kim

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Daud Kim

Daud Kim, also known as Jaehan Kim, is a South Korean YouTuber, influencer, and musician. Here are some key details about him:

  1. Background:
    • Born as Kim Jae-Wook in 1983, he was initially popular as a K-Pop idol and rapper under the stage name MC Dado in the early 2000s
    • .Daud Kim’s age 40 as if now 2024
    • He left the entertainment industry in 2006 to pursue a different path.
  2. Career Transitions:
    • In September 2017, he made his debut in the music industry as a jazz singer.
    • However, in 2019, he reverted to Islam and left the music industry.
    • After his conversion, he became known as Daud Kim

Please note that Daud Kim has been embroiled in controversy, including allegations of sexual assault. It’s essential to approach this information with sensitivity and awareness of the context. If you need further details or have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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