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Arun Kathare

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Arun Kathare

  • Arun Kathare, a 26-year-old Instagram influencer
  • Arun Kathare claimed to earn around ₹25,000 to ₹30,000 per month by uploading reels

In the fast-paced world of social media, where extravagance often meets controversy, Arun Kathare, a 26-year-old Instagram influencer, recently found himself in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons. Known for his ostentatious displays of wealth and luxury, Arun’s videos on Instagram portrayed a life filled with flashy cars, motorcycles, and what appeared to be opulent jewelry.

However, it was a stunt involving fake guns and hired bodyguards that landed him in hot water. Walking through a Bengaluru hotel with individuals dressed as armed bodyguards carrying imitation AK-47s, Arun unwittingly sparked fear and concern, leading to his arrest by the Kothanur police.

Arun’s social media presence, characterized by reels showcasing a lavish lifestyle, often featured rented props and staged scenarios. Despite claims of earning modestly from his online content, his antics stirred controversy rather than admiration.

Beyond the glitz portrayed online, details about Arun’s personal life remain scarce. While his videos often featured glamorous settings and attractive companions, specifics about his family or relationship status remain elusive.

In an era where social media influencers blur the line between reality and fiction, Arun Kathare’s story serves as a reminder of the impact and responsibilities that come with online fame. As the digital landscape continues to evolve, so too do the challenges and consequences faced by those who seek to capture the attention of a global audience.


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  1. Sanjay gowda
    July 2, 2024

    ಗುಡ್ ಲಕ್ ಬ್ರದರ್

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