Mark Zuckerberg Goes FULL Cringe As Tuxedo Surfing Video Goes Viral

July 6, 2024

Mark Zuckerberg, the tech mogul and CEO of Facebook, has once again found himself at the center of a viral moment. This time, it’s not a new feature or a groundbreaking technology, but a video of him wakeboarding in a tuxedo, holding an American flag, and sipping on a beer. The video, released on the 4th of July, quickly became the talk of the internet.

In the video, set to Bruce Springsteen’s iconic “Born in the USA,” Zuckerberg showcases his wakeboarding skills. While some might think that wakeboarding in a tuxedo and holding an American flag is the epitome of cool, the internet had mixed reactions. The hosts at The Young Turks couldn’t help but highlight the cringeworthy aspects of the video.

Brett, one of the hosts, pointed out the oddity of Zuckerberg’s choice of attire and the overall presentation. He humorously noted that while the concept might sound cool, the execution left much to be desired, especially when Zuckerberg himself is involved. The segment also included a flashback to a previous video of Zuckerberg wakeboarding, suggesting this isn’t his first attempt at such a stunt.

Mark Zuckerberg Goes FULL Cringe As Tuxedo Surfing Video Goes Viral

Despite the cringe factor, there’s no denying Zuckerberg’s wakeboarding prowess. As the hosts noted, wakeboarding without holding onto anything is no small feat. However, the juxtaposition of this impressive skill with Zuckerberg’s public persona made the video a source of amusement and bewilderment.

The discussion also veered into more serious territory, with criticisms of Zuckerberg’s impact on politics and social media. The hosts expressed their disdain for the changes brought about by platforms like Instagram and Threads, attributing significant negative impacts on political discourse and social interaction to Zuckerberg’s decisions.

In the end, while the video might be a fun and quirky moment for Zuckerberg, it serves as a reminder of the complex and often contentious relationship between social media giants and their users. Whether you find it cringeworthy or impressive, one thing is certain: Mark Zuckerberg knows how to get people talking.

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