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Saba Sitara Ibrahim

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Saba Sitara Ibrahim

Saba Sitara Ibrahim is the sister of a popular actor and influencer, Shoaib Ibrahim. She frequently shares amazing pics and short videos of her family on the platform.

Saba Ibrahim is a beautiful woman who adores her family to the core. She loves sharing family pics and vlogs with her fans and keeps them informed of all the important events and celebrations in her home. Her bonding with her audience is great and she is loved for her humbleness and sweet nature. This is why she has 1.1 million followers with an engagement rate of 8.68% which is excellent. Additionally, her average interaction per post is 98.81k and 627 comments.

Saba Sitara Ibrahim’s Social Media Influence

Saba is the proud sister of a popular TV actor and social media influencer, Shoaib Ibrahim. It is quite evident that creativity runs in the family. Recently, she shared a post feeling proud of her brother for his outstanding performance in the Hindi Drama TV serial ‘Ajooni’. The post received 88.1k likes and 369 comments. Saba is a lifestyle and beauty influencer. Many brands approach her for endorsements. Recently, the gorgeous woman uploaded a video on the beautiful lipstick shades which are halal certified and wuzu friendly. Those are her personal favorites and she uses them regularly for her IG photos. The post received tons of appreciation from her viewers in the form of 62.1k likes and 460 comments.

Social Media Stats

Instagram (@saba_ka_jahaan)
Saba khalid Ibrahim
Video creator
Youtube Vlogger 🇮🇳
For Queries-
  • 1.3K Posts
  • 325 Following
YouTube (@sabaKajahaan)
  • 3.38M subscribers
  • 557 videos

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