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Mr. Nags

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  • Real Name: Mr. Nags, the entertaining insider of the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), is none other than Danish Sait. Danish is an Indian stand-up comedian, television host, radio jockey, actor, and writer who works in Kannada cinema
  • Family: Danish Sait was born on July 1, 1987. His Age is 37, His sister, Kubbra Sait, is an actress, while his uncle, Tanveer Sait, is a politician. His grandfather, Azeez Sait, was a minister in Karnataka. Danish recently got married to Anya Rangaswamy on June 10, 2021.
  • Career: Danish started his journey as a radio jockey in Bahrain and later worked with Fever 104 FM. He gained popularity hosting the show “Supari.” He also joined a Bangalore-based comedy group called The Improv and ventured into stand-up comedy. Danish hosted sports events like the “Pro Kabaddi League,” “Cricket World Cup,” and created “The RCB Insider Series.” He made his acting debut in the Kannada movie “Humble Politician Nograj” and appeared in the web series “Afsos” in 2020
  • RCB Insider: After an unsuccessful stint during the 2015 ICC World Cup in Australia, Danish joined RCB as Mr. Nags. His access to players made the RCB Insider show a hit, entertaining fans during IPL seasons


Danish Sait, popularly known as Mr. Nags, is a versatile Indian entertainer who has left an indelible mark across various media platforms. From radio to stand-up comedy, acting, and hosting, Danish’s journey has been nothing short of fascinating. Let’s delve into the life and career of this charismatic personality.

Early Life and Background

Born on July 1, 1987, in Karnataka, Danish Sait hails from a family with diverse interests. His sister, Kubbra Sait, is an accomplished actress, while his uncle, Tanveer Sait, is a prominent politician. Danish’s grandfather, Azeez Sait, served as a minister in Karnataka. These familial connections hint at the rich tapestry of experiences that would shape Danish’s future endeavors.

The Radio Jockey and Stand-Up Comedian

Danish began his career as a radio jockey in Bahrain, where he honed his skills in wit and humor. His infectious energy and ability to connect with listeners soon caught the attention of radio enthusiasts. Upon returning to India, he joined Fever 104 FM and hosted the popular show “Supari,” where he showcased his knack for mimicry and satire.

However, it was in the world of stand-up comedy that Danish truly found his groove. He became a part of the Bangalore-based comedy group The Improv and started performing live shows. His unique style, witty observations, and impeccable timing endeared him to audiences. Danish’s comedy often revolves around relatable everyday situations, and his performances are peppered with regional flavors.

The RCB Insider

Danish’s association with the Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) cricket team catapulted him to fame. Under the guise of Mr. Nags, the quirky insider, he provided fans with hilarious behind-the-scenes glimpses during the Indian Premier League (IPL) seasons. His interactions with RCB players, coaches, and support staff became a highlight, and fans eagerly awaited each episode of the RCB Insider Series.

Acting and Beyond

Danish made his acting debut in the Kannada film “Humble Politician Nograj”, where he portrayed the titular character—a corrupt politician with a comic twist. His performance was well-received, and he continued to explore acting opportunities. In 2020, he appeared in the web series “Afsos”, showcasing his versatility as an actor.

Personal Life and Recent Developments

Danish Sait tied the knot with Anya Rangaswamy on June 10, 2021, marking a new chapter in his personal life. His wedding was a private affair, but fans celebrated the joyous occasion through social media.

Beyond entertainment, Danish actively supports social causes. Recently, he organized a donation stream to aid those affected by the Kolhapur Floods, demonstrating his commitment to making a positive impact.

Danish Sait’s journey—from radio waves to cricket stadiums, from comedy clubs to movie sets—reflects his boundless creativity and passion for entertaining. As Mr. Nags, he continues to bring laughter to millions, reminding us that humor transcends boundaries and unites us all.

So, the next time you hear that mischievous voice during an RCB match, remember that behind the persona lies a multifaceted artist who has carved his niche in the world of entertainment.

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