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The first creator under the Tamil Nadu Science and Technology Creators List is Dharma Durai. He is a content creator on the Pepul app who shares both exclusive and free content on science, space and general knowledge. From learning about the different planets in the solar system to discovering the secrets of dark matter, there is something for everyone on the “Mr. GK” channel on the Pepul app.

Are you excited to know about the weird and wild functioning of our solar system? Or, can you believe that the planets don’t actually revolve around the sun? Explore the science of the cosmos and understand our place in the universe from his videos. Sleep is an important phase in a human’s life. His videos on sleep and dreams including “Why do you jerk suddenly in sleep?” explain interesting facts about our sleep patterns. Science is part and parcel of our lives. Apart from knowing about various interesting facts about our solar system and planets, get ready to acknowledge various other topics like Deja vu, Jamais vu, etc. from his videos including the unnamed feelings that most of us are aware not probably aware of.

  • A planet named after a Roman God
  • Jewel of the Solar System
  • The Accidental Planet

Check out the “Mr. GK” channel on the Pepul app to start exploring the mysteries of the cosmos.

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