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Gaurav Kapur

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Gaurav Kapur

Here are the details about Gaurav Kapoor:

  • Full Name: Gaurav Kapur (also spelled as Gaurav Kapoor)
  • Date of Birth: April 11, 1981
  • Gaurav Kapoor Age: He is currently 43 years old.
  • Profession: Gaurav is an Indian actor, television presenter, and stand-up comedian.
  • Notable Shows:
    • He hosted the pre-match Indian Premier League show, Extraaa Innings T20.
    • Gaurav also hosts the popular YouTube show called Breakfast with Champions, where he interviews and interacts with cricketers and other sports athletes.
  • Comedy Genre: As a stand-up comedian, his genre of comedy is a mix of observational and anecdotal comedy
  • Other Ventures:
    • Gaurav co-founded Kommune Arts Private Limited, a performance arts collective.
    • He joined Cricbuzz LIVE as an anchor for online-based cricket talk shows covering the Indian Premier League and other Indian cricket team matches.

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