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Dr. Pal

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Dr. Palaniappan Manickam (Dr. Pal)

Dr. Palaniappan Manickam (Dr. Pal) , Physician in California. He is a Gastroenterologist with special interest in weight loss and nutrition. He specializes in Gastroenterology (the medical specialty that deals with the digestive system and its disorders). He is known for his educational videos on health and Covid-19 on YouTube. He completed his medical school in PSG Hospitals, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu and did his Masters in Public Health in University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He did his residency in Wayne state University school of medicine, Detroit, Michigan. He is also affiliated with Mercy San Juan Medical Center.

Field of influence : Weight loss and Nutrition,
Popularity : YouTube

About Dr. Pal

Dr. Palaniappan Manickam, better known as Dr. Pal on YouTube, is an Indian doctor based in Sacramento, California who has become an internet sensation for his videos that combine medical information and comedy in a genre he calls ‘med-com’. He is hugely popular among Tamil-speakers in India and across the diaspora. Dr. Pal’s videos are viewer-friendly and often include references to cricket, films, and songs. He has over a million followers on social media platforms and has recently debuted on the stand-up comedy scene in Chennai with a show titled ‘Fun with Fasting’. Dr. Pal’s messaging is simple, consistent, frequent, and repetitive, and delivered with comedy, it reaches a wider section of people. He hopes that at least a small percentage of viewers would incorporate small changes to lead a better, healthier life.

Social Media Stats

YouTube – @Dr Pal 

  • 427 Videos
  • 910k Subscribers

Instagram – @dr.pal.manickam

  • 507 Posts
  • 198 Following

Facebook – @askdocpal


His Medical Center Location

Dr. Palaniappan Manickam is a Gastroenterologist based in Carmichael, California. He is affiliated with Mercy San Juan Medical Center. His office is located at 6555 Coyle Ave, Suite 341, Carmichael, CA 95608. You can reach him at –

Location :-
Mercy Medical Group
6555 Coyle Ave, Ste 341, Carmichael, CA 95608
(916) 536-6115
Fax: (916) 536-2498

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