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Crazy XYZ

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Overview: 🎥 Channel Name: Crazy XYZ
🔍 Content: Science Experiments, Life Hacks, Modifications, and more.

Amit Sharma’s Journey: 🏠 Hometown: Bansur, Alwar, Rajasthan, India
🚀 Rise to Prominence: From humble beginnings, Amit Sharma has soared to become one of India’s most influential YouTubers.
👀 Content Style: Amit’s engaging videos feature a delightful mix of science experiments, bewildering stunts, and quirky hacks, capturing the hearts of millions.
📈 Popularity: His videos often rack up staggering view counts, with some reaching up to 60 million views on YouTube.

Notable Videos:

  1. “iPhone 15 Extreme Diwali Test”: Testing the iPhone 15’s durability during Diwali festivities.
  2. “₹100000 Biggest Ludo Challenge Ever”: A massive real-life Ludo challenge.
  3. “BMW को ज़िन्दा ज़मीन में दफनाया”: Burying a BMW in the ground.

Age: 🎂 Date of Birth: September 11, 2000
📆 Current Age: 23 years old

Net Worth: 💰 Estimated Net Worth (2023): Approximately Rs. 15 crores (about $1.65 million USD)
💼 Income Sources: YouTube ads, sponsorships, and paid promotions.
💵 Daily Earnings: Around Rs. 100,000

Personal Details: 🔖 Full Name: Amit Kumar Sharma
📌 Nickname: Amit
🏡 Hometown: Bansur, Rajasthan, India
🇮🇳 Nationality: Indian
🕉️ Religion: Hinduism
🎓 Education: B.Tech
💑 Relationship Status: Single

Contact Information: 📧 Business Queries:
📧 Alternate Contact:

Physical Attributes: 💇 Hair Color: Black
👁️ Eye Color: Black
📏 Height: 5 feet 6 inches
⚖️ Weight: 62 kg
💉 Tattoo: None
👓 Eyeglasses: Yes

Amit Sharma’s relentless work and captivating content have cemented his status as a prominent figure in the YouTube community.

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