The Gross Viral KitKat and Ketchup TikTok Trend

June 27, 2024

In the ever-evolving world of social media, bizarre food trends are nothing new. From avocado toast to rainbow-colored everything, we’ve seen it all—or so we thought. The latest food trend to take TikTok by storm involves a combination that has left the internet divided and somewhat horrified: KitKat bars topped with ketchup.

The Origins of the Trend

It all started with a few adventurous TikTok users who decided to put a twist on the beloved KitKat bar. Instead of breaking it apart and enjoying it as intended, they drizzled ketchup over the top and took a bite. The reaction was immediate and intense, sparking a wave of curiosity and revulsion across social media platforms.

Viral KitKat and Ketchup TikTok

KitKat’s Response

In a surprising move, KitKat itself decided to weigh in on the trend. Posting a video that showcased their staff trying the ketchup-covered confection, the brand noted that two out of three employees approved of the unusual pairing. This endorsement from KitKat added fuel to the fire, encouraging more people to try the combo for themselves.

Social Media Reactions

The internet, as expected, had a lot to say about this unusual trend. Reactions ranged from humorous to outright disgusted. One Instagram user expressed their horror, stating, “The fact this is coming from the official KitKat page scares me.” Others joined in with puns and jokes, like “I feel like this trend will take some time to catch up.”

Even the suggestion of trying other condiments like mayonnaise on a KitKat drew strong reactions. “Want to try it with mayo next?” one user quipped, to which many responded with emphatic no’s.

Food Trends: Why Do We Love (or Hate) Them?

Bizarre food combinations have always fascinated people. There’s something about the unexpected mix of flavors that draws both adventurous eaters and skeptics alike. Trends like this often start as a novelty but can quickly gain traction due to their shock value and the human desire to experience the unusual.

While some combinations, like peanut butter on burgers, have found their way into mainstream menus, others remain controversial. The KitKat and ketchup trend, with its stark contrast of sweet and savory, is a prime example of a combination that challenges our taste buds and cultural norms around food.

The Psychology Behind It

Why do people try these strange combinations in the first place? Part of it is the thrill of the unknown and the potential discovery of a new favorite snack. There’s also the social media aspect—sharing a unique or shocking experience can garner likes, comments, and shares, boosting one’s online presence.

Additionally, food trends can be a way to break from the mundane. In a world where many aspects of life can feel routine, trying something as outlandish as ketchup on a KitKat offers a moment of novelty and excitement.

Should You Try It?

The million-dollar question: should you try ketchup on a KitKat? While the idea might seem repulsive to many, the only way to truly know is to give it a shot. Who knows? You might find yourself pleasantly surprised. Or, you might end up firmly in the camp that believes some things are better left untried.

If you’re feeling brave, grab a KitKat bar and some ketchup, and let your taste buds decide. Just remember to break the bar apart first—after all, we live in a society.

The KitKat and ketchup trend is yet another example of how social media can turn the most unexpected things into viral sensations. Whether you love it, hate it, or just love to hate it, there’s no denying that these bizarre food combinations spark conversation and curiosity. As for what the next strange food trend will be, only time will tell. But one thing is for sure: the internet will be ready, waiting, and more than willing to try it out.

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