Jaclyn Hill’s New Lies About Jaclyn Cosmetics

June 24, 2024

In the ever-evolving world of beauty influencers, few names have been as polarizing as Jaclyn Hill. From meteoric rises to stunning controversies, Hill’s journey has been anything but ordinary. Recently, Hill’s social media post about closing her businesses, including Jaclyn Cosmetics, has stirred the pot once again. As her fans congratulated her on her new life direction, a closer look at her comments revealed discrepancies that demand attention. Let’s delve into Jaclyn Hill’s new lies about Jaclyn Cosmetics and uncover the truth behind the brand’s closure.

The Instagram Bombshell

In a recent Instagram post, Hill shared her excitement about moving across the country with her husband and starting a new chapter in her life. Her caption, “Now let’s make some babies,” caught the attention of many, but it was the comment section that truly revealed the drama. Fans were shocked to learn that Hill had closed all her businesses, including Jaclyn Cosmetics, Cozy, and Jaclyn Roxanne. Many followers were unaware of these closures, leading to a flurry of questions—and Hill’s answers raised more questions than they resolved.

The Bankruptcy Denial

One of the most glaring claims Hill made was that Jaclyn Cosmetics did not file for bankruptcy. Hill stated, “Just to be clear, Jaclyn Cosmetics did not file for bankruptcy. I know it’s confusing, my partners did. My brand was not in debt and actually doing very well.” This statement is misleading at best. While Hill is technically correct that Forma Brands, the parent company, filed for bankruptcy, Jaclyn Cosmetics was explicitly listed as an affiliate in the bankruptcy filings.

Legal documents from the bankruptcy clearly indicate that Jaclyn Cosmetics was part of the filing. To argue otherwise is to split hairs in a way that obscures the reality of the situation. Jaclyn Cosmetics was undeniably entangled in the financial downfall of Forma Brands, making Hill’s claim that her brand was not part of the bankruptcy process highly questionable.

The Debt Dilemma

Hill also asserted that Jaclyn Cosmetics was not in debt, a claim that is directly contradicted by court documents. In fact, Jaclyn Cosmetics owed Hill herself $2 million, a claim she filed at the beginning of the bankruptcy process. Later documents adjusted this figure to a little over $1 million. This debt alone refutes Hill’s assertion that the brand was financially sound.

Moreover, Jaclyn Cosmetics had significant debts beyond what was owed to Hill. The brand was part of a broader financial collapse that saw Forma Brands in debt to numerous entities, totaling over $19 million in non-priority unsecured claims. To say that Jaclyn Cosmetics was not in debt is not only misleading but also blatantly false.

The Sales Success Spin

Hill’s claim that Jaclyn Cosmetics was doing very well in terms of sales also deserves scrutiny. While the brand did see impressive sales figures in its early years—$14.4 million in 2021 and $9.8 million in 2022—the financial reports from early 2023 tell a different story. In February 2023, the brand reported a loss of $887,000 for that month alone. Such figures indicate that while the brand had strong sales, its financial health was far from robust by the time of the bankruptcy filing.

The Internal Mess and Mental Health

Hill’s final claim was that the brand’s internal chaos and her own mental health struggles contributed to the closure. This is likely the most credible part of her statement. It’s easy to imagine the stress and turmoil of seeing her namesake brand collapse around her, compounded by the pressures of her public persona. However, this does not excuse the misleading statements about the brand’s financial state and her role in its management.

The Bigger Picture

Ultimately, Hill’s latest statements seem to be an attempt to distance herself from the financial and managerial failures of Jaclyn Cosmetics. By painting herself as a victim of circumstances beyond her control, she seeks to preserve her reputation and maintain her loyal fanbase. However, the truth, as revealed by legal documents and financial reports, tells a different story.

As Hill moves forward, focusing on her personal happiness and future family plans, it remains to be seen whether she will launch another brand. If she does, one hopes she will be more transparent and honest about her role and the brand’s financial realities. For now, the beauty community watches with a mix of skepticism and curiosity, waiting to see what Jaclyn Hill’s next chapter will truly bring.

In the world of beauty influencers, transparency is more than a virtue—it’s a necessity. As followers, investors, and fellow creators, we deserve the truth, no matter how complicated or uncomfortable it may be. And in the case of Jaclyn Hill and Jaclyn Cosmetics, the truth is far more revealing than the curated posts and crafted captions suggest.


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