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Vishnu Kaushal

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Vishnu Kaushal

Vishnu Kaushal is an influencer who will tickle all the right places with his content. A content maker from Chandigarh named Vishnu Kaushal gained notoriety by producing comical videos that were brief, sharp, and relevant and focused on common individuals, events, and situations.

Now starting to produce material, Kaushal has expanded into a number of other fields as a result of his fast rising societal recognition. He is experimenting with all kinds of material, from starting his own label to acting in an OTT series to appearing in broadcast commercials.

Before quitting his job in Chandigarh to relocate to Delhi and pursue his passion for content production, digital content creator Vishnu Kaushal served as the social media manager for a beverage start-up. Like many other content producers, he has been creating videos since 2015 and has gone through numerous ups and downs in his professional life.

Vishnu Kaushal’s Social Media Influence

Youtube Description:

Hi, my name is Vishnu & this channel is my way of documenting the world & ideas as I live through them and sharing those stories with you.

However, he discovered serenity in producing films and sharing upbeat content on social media. One of his rage videos from the initial lockdown last year, titled “The Most Annoying Questions People Ask About Quarantine,” went viral and had close to 1.3 million views. He has since had numerous other viral moments. Make sure you follow one of the biggest social media influencer in India.

Social Media Stats

Instagram (thevishnukaushal)
Vishnu Kaushal
Building the most wholesome community on the Internet 🧶
🍭 Maker of Goodness at @peachbyvishnu
💎 uncut gems @vishnutoo
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YouTube (@VishnuKaushal)
  • 40K subscribers
  • 188 videos

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