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Viraj Ghelani

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Viraj Ghelani

Viraj Ghelani is a great comedian and fabulous content maker. He is one of the most well-known Indian stand-up comedians and content creators on one of the most popular Indian YouTube Channels is Viraj Ghelani. Viraj, an Indian stand-up comedian who was raised in Maharashtra, has been in a lot of videos on the Filter Copy YouTube channel as of late.

He received his engineering degree upon graduation. Viraj, however, aspired to get into the entertainment industry and use his skills to further his career. At the beginning of his career, he would upload his recordings from Instagram, which became so well-known, and request permission to work with them on the Filtercopy YouTube channel, which led to the shift of his profession to Content Creator in YouTube. He recently got the award for entertainer of the year by exhibit. Make sure you follow one of the most loved social media influencers in India.

Viraj Ghelani is a well-known actor, comedian, content creator, and social media influencer. He gained popularity when he started appearing in comedy videos for YouTube channels like Dice Media, Gobble, and FilterCopy. He is known for posting funny videos that are topical and relatable.

Viraj’s Social Media Influence

Viraj has a significant social media presence with a rank of 41 among India’s Top 100 Digital Stars2. He has an average reach of 22,84,942 and average views of 21,18,6492. His genuinity score is 81.58% and his engagement rate is 13.61%.

In addition to his work on social media, Viraj has also made appearances in films. He made a surprise cameo in Bollywood’s highly anticipated film “Jawan”, starring Shah Rukh Khan. He also made his Dharma debut with Vicky Kaushal’s “Govinda Naam Mera”, which released on 16th December 2022.

Viraj’s influence extends beyond his social media platforms. He is a go-to figure for brands and collaborations. His creative content and massive fan following make him an appealing choice for producers and directors.

Social Media Stats

Instagram (viraj_ghelani)
Viraj Ghelani
Digital creator
Content Creator🤟🏻
I am from SoBo- South Borivali
For business-
  • 1.9K Posts
  • 1.4K Following
YouTube (@ThatsSoViraj)
  • 147K subscribers
  • 60 videos

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