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The Anazala Family

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The Anazala Family

Family Members:

  • Asala Maleh: Asala is 28 years old. Along with her husband Anas, she is one of the main figures of The Anazala Family. They share their daily lives, parenting experiences, and valuable lessons with their viewers.
  • Anas Marwah: Anas is 32 years old. He collaborates with Asala to create engaging content for their YouTube channel.
  • Mila Marwah: Mila, their adorable daughter, is 6 years old. She often steals the spotlight in their videos.
  • Noah H Marwah: Noah, their youngest family member, is 3 years old.

Net Worth: The Anazala Family’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.24 million. Their YouTube channel, which boasts over 14 million subscribers and 3 billion total views, has been a significant source of their income. Their monthly earnings range from approximately $15,000 to $74,000, though these figures can fluctuate based on various factors.

Religion: The Anazala Family is a Muslim family based in Los Angeles, California. While they don’t explicitly preach about religion, their videos often showcase their lives and values as Muslim individuals.

Explore their YouTube channel to discover more about their heartwarming and entertaining content! 😊🎥

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