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Tayleb Willis

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Tayleb Willis

Here’s what I found about Tayleb Willis:

  1. Age: Tayleb Willis was born on March 18, 2003, which makes him 21 years old.
  2. Net Worth: While specific net worth figures aren’t readily available, Tayleb Willis is a professional athlete and content creator. He is the third-fastest Australian junior hurdler in history and finished fifth at the World U20 Championships in 2022. His net worth is not explicitly stated, but his prominence in athletics and social media suggests he is doing well.
  3. Dating History: There is no information available about Tayleb Willis’s dating history related to Biden news. His focus has been on his athletic career and content creation
  4. Athletic Achievements:
    • He is currently ranked 1st in the world for U20 110m hurdles.
    • Tayleb was also selected to represent Australia in the World U20 Championships in Kenya.
    • His impressive performances include being an Oceania champion and consistently placing in top events.
    • Notable results include:
      • Edmonton Athletics Invitational: 110m hurdles in 13.44 seconds (3rd place).
      • Oceania Athletics Championships: 110m hurdles in 13.56 seconds (1st place).
      • La Classique d’athlétisme de Montréal: 110m hurdles in 13.55 seconds (2nd place)
      • Australian Championships: 110m hurdles in 13.62 seconds (2nd place)
      • NSW Country Championships: 110m hurdles in 13.79 seconds (1st place)
      • Maurie Plant Meet: 110m hurdles in 13.79 seconds (1st place).
      • Oceania Invitational: 110m hurdles in 13.93 seconds (1st place).
      • Brisbane Track Classic: 110m hurdles in 13.85 seconds (4th place).
    1. Personal Records:
      • 110m hurdles: 13.44 seconds
      • Long Jump: 7.93 meters
      • 100m: 10.67 seconds
      • 200m: 21.59 seconds

    Tayleb Willis continues to make strides in his athletic career, and his dedication is commendable! If you need more information or have any other questions, feel free to ask!

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