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Stanislawa Kutyepov

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Stanislawa Kutyepov: Empowering Tech Education

Introduction: Meet Stanislawa Kutyepov, a passionate Software Engineer on a mission to empower women in technology through her platform, “CODEMYJOURNEY.”

Instagram : codemyjourney

YouTube : codemyjourney


  • Background: Born in [birthplace], Stanislawa defied stereotypes to carve her niche in the male-dominated tech industry.
  • Platform: “CODEMYJOURNEY” – An educational hub for technology, innovation, and lifestyle.

Content Creation and Education:

  • Offers coding challenges, software reviews, and career advice.
  • Relatable approach resonates with beginners and seasoned professionals alike.

Collaborations and Impact:

  • Partnerships with brands like Logitech, Bose, and Udemy.
  • Notable collaboration with .TechDomains for BreakTheCode 2.0 reached thousands.

Family and Community:

  • Family’s support fuels her passion.
  • Global community thrives on her insights, tutorials, and tech news.

Net Worth and Beyond:

  • Advocacy for women in tech resonates across platforms.
  • “CODEMYJOURNEY” offers a wealth of knowledge and practical tips for coding enthusiasts.
  • Stanislawa’s advocacy for women in tech resonates across platforms. Her commitment to empowering others is immeasurable.
  • While her net worth remains private, her influence extends far beyond financial metrics.
  • She fosters a global community of tech enthusiasts, sharing insights, tutorials, and tech news.

Summary: Stanislawa Kutyepov’s journey embodies resilience, curiosity, and the power of community. Follow her path on “CODEMYJOURNEY” and embark on your coding adventure! 🚀

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