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Shivya Nath

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Let’s explore the inspiring journey of Shivya Nath, a remarkable travel blogger, author, and advocate for sustainable and conscious travel:

  1. Background and Early Life:
    • Shivya Nath was born in 1988 in Dehradun, Uttarakhand, India.
    • She attended St Joseph’s Senior Secondary School in Dehradun.
    • Later, she pursued her bachelor’s degree (Magna Cum Laude) in Economics and Marketing from the Singapore Management University.
  2. From Corporate to Nomadic Life:
    • At the age of 23, Shivya made a bold decision: she quit her corporate job.
    • A couple of years later, she took it a step further by giving up her home, selling most of her belongings, and embracing a nomadic lifestyle.
    • Her heart beats for transformative travel experiences.
  3. The Shooting Star Blog:
    • Shivya Nath is the author of one of India’s leading travel blogs, The Shooting Star.
    • Her blog captures stories at the intersection of travel, the environment, and local communities.
    • Through her writing, she inspires readers to explore the world mindfully and sustainably.
  4. Freelance Writer and Social Media Consultant:
    • After quitting her job, Shivya spent the first six months living off her savings.
    • She then embarked on a freelance writing career, contributing to renowned platforms such as BBC Travel, Lonely Planet India, National Geographic Traveller India, and more.
    • As a social media consultant, she shares her expertise in the digital realm.
  5. India Untravelled and Beyond:
    • In 2012, Shivya founded her tourism and travel company called India Untravelled.
    • Her adventures have taken her beyond India’s borders, immersing her in local communities in countries like Guatemala and Uzbekistan.
  6. The Shooting Star Book and Clothing Line:
    • In 2018, she published her travel memoir titled “The Shooting Star”, chronicling her journey across the globe.
    • Her book became a national bestseller within a month of its release.
    • Shivya also launched her travel clothing line, The Shooting Star Collection, reflecting her passion for exploration and conscious living.
  7. Awards and Advocacy:
    • Shivya Nath has received several accolades, including being voted Best Indian Travel Blogger by Vogue India in 2015.
    • She advocates for slow, meaningful, and sustainable travel, leaving positive footprints wherever she goes.

Shivya Nath’s story reminds us that travel can be a force for good, connecting us to the world and its people.

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