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Shivesh Bhatia

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Shivesh BhatiaBaker. Blogger. Food Stylist.

Introduction: Meet Shivesh Bhatia, a versatile culinary artist known for his baking expertise, blogging prowess, and food styling skills.

Instagram : Bake With Shivesh

YouTube : Bake With Shivesh


  • Age: 28
  • Origin: New Delhi, India
  • Platforms: Instagram (@shivesh17), Website (Bake With Shivesh)

Early Passion and Culinary Exploration:

  • Started baking during 11th grade, ignited by a love for cakes and desserts.
  • Transitioned from blogging to his own website, sharing beautiful yet simple recipes.

Awards and Accolades:

  • Recognized by Outlook Social Media, Vogue’s “20 Under 26,” and CondeNast Traveler India.
  • Won Best Dessert Blog award by Better Homes and Gardens.

Published Author:

  • Author of bestselling books like “Bake With Shivesh” and “Desserts For Every Mood.”
  • Published by Harper Collins, his books are celebrated in the culinary world.

Instagram Sensation:

  • With over half a million followers, his feed showcases stunning food styling and photography.
  • Multiple-time recipient of Best Instagrammer of the Year at Living Foodz awards.

Empowering the Baking Community:

  • Encourages aspiring bakers to experiment fearlessly, emphasizing baking as an expression of love.
  • Connect with Shivesh on Instagram and explore his delightful recipes on Bake With Shivesh.

Summary: Shivesh Bhatia’s journey epitomizes creativity, passion, and authenticity in the culinary world. Follow him for delightful recipes and baking inspiration.

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