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Saloni Srivastava

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Saloni Srivastava

Saloni, known as a business coach, recently came into the limelight for her launch of the HustlePost Academy, a one-stop destination for people to learn all about side hustles. This intelligent coach with around 74.9k Instagram followers describes herself as a digital entrepreneur and is looking to help people break away from their monotonous 9-5 routine. Apart from this academy, Saloni has been successfully running her lifestyle based YouTube channel and an e-commerce firm. She’s a professional juggler who rarely drops one of her brands. In awe of you, Miss Saloni!

About Saloni Srivastava YouTube Channel

YouTube Description

Saloni Srivastava is an EdTech entrepreneur, a well-known lifestyle YouTuber & a TEDx Speaker, based out of Bengaluru, India. Her YouTube channel – ‘Saloni Srivastava’ – has carved a unique brand image for itself, currently standing with over 350K dedicated subscribers, and almost 30 million organic views. In 2020, she launched HustlePost Academy, her EdTech company, aiming to help people start and scale their own online businesses. Under her mentorship, a whopping 4000 (and counting) people have been able to successfully launch their online ventures, Saloni is passionate about creating solopreneurs, education, business coaching, and imparting value to people and enriching their lives. She also runs The HustlePost Podcast, a one-stop destination for those who wish to become their own boss!

You can follow her on Instagram at @salonisrivastavaofficial.

About Her Branding and Collaboration works

Saloni’s content on her IG feed is relevant and insightful for her followers, and she makes it a point to engage with them with an engagement rate of 5.37%. It’s full of infographics – one of the most powerful types of content, mentioning the self-help books to read, self-care and exercise routines and motivational quotes. Saloni’s post describing a Weekend Day in her life was her most viewed content piece with an engagement rate of almost 38.50%.

Saloni has collaborated with The Raw Factory (ER – almost 10%), Storytel IN (ER – OVER 6.50%) and volunteered at IndiaUnheard (ER – over 13%). Saloni is a TEDx speaker where she delivered a speech narrating her journey as a digital entrepreneur. With her image as an inspirational figure, the best brand to work with Saloni would be the one who wishes to inspire the world with their products.

Social Media Stats

Instagram (@salonisrivastavaofficial)
Saloni Srivastava
Personal blog
♥️ Entrepreneur by profession, blogger at heart
💻 Building @hustlepostacademy on weekdays
🙈Writing heartfelt notes on on weekends
  • 696 posts
  • 617 following
YouTube (@SaloniSrivastava)
  • 420K subscribers
  • 277 videos

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