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Ruhee Dosani

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Ruhee Dosani

Ruhee Dosani is a top entertainer known for her style and grace. She has created high quality content with top Indian Influencers and celebrities.

Ruhee Dosani is a popular dancer, lip-sync artist and social media celebrity, born and raised in Punjab, India. The influencer started gaining recognition after Instagram rolled their reel feature. Ruhee is presently residing in the United States of America and creates hip content with her buddies.

Ruhee Dosani’s Social Media Influence

She is known for Western style content with a flow of 90s Bollywood. She also creates funny skits, lip sync, music videos and posts behind the scene content with popular celebrities like Anil Kapoor, Tiger Sheroff, Ayushman Khurana, Munawar Farooqi, Shipa Shetty, Rajpal Yadav, Madhuri Dixit and Kartik Aaryan. The entertainer has built a sizable following of 1.1M on Instagram with an engagement rate of 21.6%. on every serious 230.7K likes and 844 comments with reach of 3.8M. Additionally, Reels bring a whopping 958.1K views on average while videos get 204.8K. the top reel on Ruhee’s feed is a funny dance cum lip-sync reel titled normal people versus Bihari people. The post received 6M views, together with 678K likes and 4802 comments. Ruhee also made a video with Rajpal Yadav which received overwhelming response, reflected in 512.8K likes and 1.8K comments.

Social Media Stats

Instagram (ruheedosani)
Ruhee Dosani
Digital creator
queen of ktown 🧿
  • 1.1K Posts
  • 1.4 Following
YouTube (@ruheedosani08)
  • 45.8K subscribers
  • 68 videos

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