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Rosanna Pansino

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Rosanna Pansino: A Complete Profile

Name: Rosanna Pansino

Birth Name: Rosanna Jeanne Reardon

Date of Birth: June 8, 1985

Birthplace: Seattle, Washington, USA

Overview: Rosanna Pansino, known for her YouTube series Nerdy Nummies, is a multi-talented personality excelling in baking, acting, writing, and entrepreneurship. Her creative approach to baking and engaging personality has garnered her a massive following.

Nerdy Nummies and YouTube Stardom: Rosanna started her YouTube channel in 2010 and gained immense popularity with Nerdy Nummies. Her themed treats inspired by video games, movies, and pop culture have captivated millions of viewers, making her one of the highest-paid content creators on the platform.

Cookbooks and Baking Line: Rosanna has authored successful cookbooks like The Nerdy Nummies Cookbook and Baking All Year Round. She has also launched a baking line, bringing her creative recipes to fans worldwide.

Escape the Night and Baketopia: In addition to YouTube, Rosanna has starred in the YouTube Premium series Escape the Night and hosted the HBO Max show Baketopia, showcasing her talent and charisma in the baking world.

Personal Journey and Legacy: Rosanna has overcome dyslexia and embraced her “nerdy” side, inspiring others to do the same. Her father, who appeared in her videos, influenced her love for cooking. His passing in 2019 deeply impacted her and her community.

Forbes Recognition and Community Impact: Forbes recognized Rosanna’s influence by listing her first on the Top Influencers: Food list in 2017. With 14.5 million YouTube subscribers, she has created a dedicated community focused on creativity and joy in the kitchen.

Rosanna Pansino, the baking virtuoso, continues to inspire and delight her audience with her creative recipes and infectious enthusiasm.

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