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Pradeep Antony

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Pradeep Antony

Pradeep Antony is a recently turned actor who has initially started his career as an assistant director and worked with veteran directors and actors in many quotable films. He is an active part of the Kollywood actors and director’s fraternity.

Actor and Director Pradeep Anthony was born and brought up in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. He has a degree in Visual communication. He enjoys music and dancing. Scriptwriting, art direction, conceptualization, and art direction are some of his exceptional professional specialties. He did a cameo in Bigg Boss season3 Tamil and now he is entering the house as a potential contestant in the season 7 of the show.

He embraces a close friendship with actor Kavin who is also a Bigg Boss fame and recently his movie DaDa was a phenomenal hit which included Pradeep Anthony in a supporting satirical friendly role. He served as the assistant director for the 2016 Tamil socio-political drama film “Aruvi” which starred Aditi Balan in lead role. For his first film as an assistant director, in which Arun Prabu Purushothaman wrote the screenplay and directed the movie. Aditi Balan, Anjali Varadhan, and Lakshmi Gopalaswamy all appeared in phenomenal roles in the film.

Pradeep Anthony rendered his initial film as an actor in the 2019 movie “Vaazh.” This commercial romantic movie was produced by Sivakarthikeyan’s SK production and directed by Arun Prabhu Purushothaman again by the same director as that of Aruvi.

Pradeep Antony’s Career

Actor Pradeep Anthony’s filmography

2016 – Aruvi- assistant director
2021 – Vaazh- Main Lead role
2023 – Dada- Kavin’s friend

Pradeep’s talent and versatility have made him a sought-after actor among directors and filmmakers. He has already collaborated with some of the biggest names in the industry, and his future looks incredibly bright. He is an emerging force in Tamil cinema, and audiences are eagerly waiting to see what he does next.

He’s highly extroverted and readily bonds with new acquaintances. He is a staunch social ideologist who frequently discusses autonomy and liberations. He had an estimated 13.4K Twitter followers as of October 2023.

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