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Nitish Rajput

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Let’s delve into the details about Nitish Rajput:

Personal Background:

  • Full Name: Nitish Rajput
  • Age: As of my last update in 2021, Nitish Rajput’s age was not explicitly mentioned. For the most current information, I recommend checking his official social media profiles or other reliable sources.
  • Location: Nitish Rajput hails from India, but specific details about his exact location were not available in my previous data.

Professional Endeavors:

  • Digital Social Activist: Nitish is known for his activism and raising awareness on various social and political issues through his online presence.
  • Entrepreneur: He has ventured into entrepreneurial pursuits, although specific details about his business ventures were not part of my previous knowledge.

YouTube Channel:

  • Nitish Rajput runs a popular YouTube channel where he shares thought-provoking content related to politics, history, and social issues.
  • Subscriber Count: His channel boasts over 3.9 million subscribers (as of my last update).
  • Content: His videos cover topics such as corruption, education systems, propaganda, and injustice.
  • Views: His videos have garnered millions of views, making him a prominent figure in the digital space.


  • Nitish Rajput authored a book titled “The Broken Pillars of Democracy.” Unfortunately, I don’t have specific details about its content or publication date.

Income and Personal Life:

  • Income: Information about his income was not part of my previous data.
  • Wife’s Name: I apologize, but I don’t have any information regarding Nitish Rajput’s marital status or spouse.

Please note that my knowledge is based on data available up to 2021, and I recommend checking more recent sources for the latest updates on Nitish Rajput’s life and endeavors.

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