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Naved Qureshi

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Naved Qureshi

Naved Qureshi, as being a father didn’t stop Naved from either maintaining his fitness or wearing tres-chic clothes. And that, dear readers, is the truth you must all put a lock on in your minds. Just because you have other important things to do, doesn’t mean you compromise on fitness or style! Naved’s greatest loves, the three Fs – family, fitness and fashion, form the foundation he leads his life. This IG model and consultant with 95.5k followers is a force to reckon with. He often posts his exercise routines online, which help encourage his followers to get up and start moving. His engagement rate of around 4% lets you know that this social media influencer engages his audience with posts on current topics like street harassment, fair trade, and more, which further aids in forming a connection with them.

About His Branding and Collaboration works

Naved’s post where he celebrates “Doston Wali Diwali” received the highest views of around 31k! He shows how much people missed celebrating the festival together this year.  As a digital Influencer, Naved’s brand collaborations cover – Heineken India (ER – over 3%), Indian Terrain and Fairtrade India (ER – 5%), Asics India (ER – over 5%), Beardo (ER – almost 12%), Garnier Men (ER – almost 6%), Banana Club (ER – over 5%), Ausum (ER – 5%), BeUnic (ER – over 6%), Social Works (ER – almost 4.50%), HungerPacks (ER – over 20%), and several other lifestyle brands.  A best choice of collaboration would be a mens’ lifestyle brand for him.

Social Media Stats

Instagram (@navedqureshi)

Naved Qureshi
Digital creator
Marketer | Eco-champion | #Model | #Ally🌈 | WIP
Views here are mine📍🇮🇩Now in #Jakarta 🔄 #Bali
From #Bangalore, India 🇮🇳

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