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Mithilesh Patankar, better known as Mythpat, is a popular Indian YouTuber celebrated for his humor-infused gaming and entertainment content. Let’s dive into some details about him:

Mythpat Real Name Mithilesh Patanka

Mythpat age 25 year old

  1. Age:

    • Mythpat was born on June 24, 1998, which makes him 25 years old as of 2024.
  2. Net Worth:

    • Mythpat’s estimated net worth is around 80 lakhs (8 million INR) as of 2024. His earnings come from brand promotions, advertisements, endorsements, vlogging, and other business ventures.
  3. Family Details:

    • Mythpat hails from Mumbai, India.
    • Unfortunately, there isn’t much public information available about his family background.
  4. YouTube Journey:

    • Mythpat is known for his gaming videos, particularly in Minecraft and GTA.
    • Despite having an infrequent upload schedule, he has managed to amass a whopping 14.6 million subscribers on YouTube.
    • His content is loved by Indian gamers, and he has become a prominent figure in the Indian YouTube community.
  5. Collaborations and Content:

    • Mythpat collaborates with fellow creators and shares entertaining gaming content.
    • His YouTube channel, simply named “Mythpat,” is a hub for comedy, gaming, and fun adventures.
    • Whether he’s building secret sky houses in Minecraft or embarking on virtual escapades, Mythpat keeps his audience engaged.
  6. Fun Facts:

    • Mythpat’s journey from struggles to social media fame is inspiring.
    • His humor-infused approach to gaming has endeared him to fans across India.
    • You can catch Mythpat’s content on his YouTube channel and follow him on Instagram for more updates.

Keep an eye out for Mythpat’s next gaming adventure! 🎮🔥

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