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Little Chef Kicha

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Little Chef Kicha

Nihal Raj, fondly known as Kicha (or The Little Chef), is one of the youngest chefs in Kerala and a worldwide phenomenon at just nine years old. Let us see how this young Kochiite has cooked up a storm in the culinary world at such a young age. He started his own YouTube channel ‘KichaTube HD’ when he was five years old. His cooking videos grabbed the attention of a US based casting agency which makes videos for Facebook, which eventually led to him being offered a $2000 deal with Facebook for his take on a Mickey Mouse mango ice cream. Subsequently, he went on to be featured in ‘The Ellen Show’ as well, which turned him into an internet sensation overnight.

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The Ellen Show fame, Little Chef Kicha offers you variety of mouth watery recipes, from Indian cuisine to Italian desert in his cooking videos. In jam with Kicha which is strictly for Kids reviews and un box toys and games The reasons for Kicha’s massive popularity are myriad. His culinary skills & presentation style coupled with his smiling, playful and childlike ways are endearing to both kids and grownups as well. the junior chef is a foodie and his easy cooking recipe is very popular.

He has over 150 cooking recipes in his account for more details kindly mail us at, or call +919847050080

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His YouTube Channel holds an active subscribers of about 44.1K subscribers
with 281 videos. He joined YouTube on 18 Jan 2015 and his YouTube channel had a view count of 2,790,740 views.

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Kicha Kicha
I cook, I eat & I’m hungry for more
Youngest Culinary Artist 🍳🍡🍿🥧🧁🍭🥢
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YouTube (@KichatubeHD)
  • 44.1K subscribers
  • 281 videos
Facebook (@Little Chef Kicha)
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