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Larissa Bonesi

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Larissa Bonesi

Larissa Borges was a Brazilian fitness influencer who gained popularity for her inspiring content related to fitness, fashion, and travel. Here are some details about her:

  • Full Name: Larissa Borges
  • Birth Year: 1989 (approx.)
  • Date of Death: August 2023
  • Cause of Death: Larissa tragically passed away due to a series of consecutive cardiac arrests\.
  • Career: After completing her formal education, she pursued a career as a fitness instructor and occasionally worked as a tourist guide, guiding visitors to the local beaches in her town.
  • Legacy: Larissa was known for her captivating personality, contagious energy, and dedication. Her presence illuminated any environment, and she brought smiles to those around her. Despite facing obstacles, she battled tirelessly for her life without complaining.
  • Family Statement: Her family expressed profound grief over her untimely demise, stating, “The pain of losing someone so young, at just 33 years old, and so lovely is overwhelming. Our hearts are broken, and the longing we will feel is indescribable.” They promised to share more information about her passing and asked everyone to wait for details about the burial.
  • Investigation: Following Larissa’s death, an investigation was launched by the Civil Police in Gramado, Brazil.

May her soul rest in peace, and may her memory always be remembered with affection and gratitude.

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