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Komal Narang

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Komal Narang: Inspiring Lifestyle Influencer and Mommy Blogger

Introduction: Komal Narang, a pioneering lifestyle influencer and mommy blogger, shares authentic insights and empowering messages through her vibrant social media presence.

Instagram : Komal Narang

YouTube : Spill The Tea


  • Platforms: YouTube (MyHappinesz, KomalVlogz), Instagram (@myhapinesz)
  • Objective: Spread positivity, empower women, foster meaningful connections

Journey Highlights:

  • Overcame adversity to pursue dreams after completing hotel management course in Paris
  • Championing authenticity, resilience, and defying societal labels

Influencer Insights:

  • YouTube Stardom: Combined subscriber base of over 480,000, covering lifestyle, beauty, parenting, and fashion
  • Instagram Influence: 216,000 followers engaged through captivating visuals and heartfelt captions
  • Collaborations: Emphasizes authentic partnerships with brands appreciating creativity

Life Beyond the Lens:

  • Credits husband for confidence and support
  • Balances influencer career with joys and challenges of parenting, sharing relatable moments

Future Outlook:

  • Continues to inspire with authenticity, positivity, and empowerment
  • A beacon of hope and resilience, rewriting narratives and impacting lives

Net Worth:

  • Collaborations: Komal has collaborated with fellow YouTubers, including the popular ‘Grand Masti with DEBASHREE’ video alongside Debasree Banerjee.
  • Public Speaking: In 2019, she delivered a talk titled ‘How the System Failed Me for Better Possibility’ at DAV College.

Summary: Komal Narang’s journey exemplifies resilience and authenticity, inspiring countless individuals to embrace their true selves and rewrite their narratives. Follow her for empowering insights and genuine connections.

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