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Kenny Sebastian

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Kenny Sebastian

Kenny Sebastian is a renowned Indian stand-up comedian and musician. He gained his popularity through #KennySing4Me, the songs he made from tweets.

Kenny Sebastian rose to fame because of his sense of humor. His initial popularity was because of the funny songs he made from tweets and then later he went on to do stand-up shows. He was also a judge in the comedy reality show, Comicstaan where mentors can find India’s next comic sensation.

The comedy king recently got married and posted the teaser of his 18-day Honeymoon trip a few days ago. The couple traveled to Paris, Nice, Gstaad, Zermatt, Interlaken, Lucern, and Zurich. The honeymoon vlog includes the best moments he shared with his wife Tracy including glimpses of the wonderful destinations they traveled and the food they enjoyed. The post received 65.8k likes and 165 comments.

Kenny Sebastian’s Social Media Influence

Kenny has 1M followers on the platform with an engagement rate of 2.38% which is quite good. His average interaction per post is 25.41k likes and 110 comments. Recently, he uploaded an image of the question paper where his name was mentioned. It was an English term paper with a test on creative writing skills. One of the students DM’d him about it. Kenny felt surprised and proud and also said that the whole thing felt more like an achievement than any award. The post received 81.4k likes and 500 comments.

Social Media Stats

Instagram (kennethseb)
Kenny Sebastian
📍 Mumbai | Netflix – The Most Interesting Person in the Room | Amazon Prime Video: Don’t Be That Guy
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