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Jeremy Jahns

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Jeremy Jahns: A Detailed Profile

Full Name: Jeremy Jahns
Date of Birth: May 8, 1981
Age: 43 years old (as of 2024)
YouTube Channel: Jeremy Jahns
Subscribers: Over 1.72 million (as of June 2020)
Total Views: Over 674 million (as of June 2020)
Content: Weekly movie reviews on the latest film releases
Rating Scale: Ranges from ‘Dogshit’ to ‘Awesometacular’
Rotten Tomatoes: Tomatometer-approved critic

Jeremy Jahns is a well-known American YouTuber and film critic recognized for his engaging and humorous movie reviews. He began his career as a projectionist before transitioning to YouTube, where his candid and energetic review style quickly gained him a large following. Known for his traditional suit, red background, and straightforward delivery, Jeremy’s reviews are both entertaining and insightful.

Professional Career

YouTube Career:
Jeremy Jahns has been active on YouTube for many years, gaining fame for his quick-paced and candid reviews. His content primarily focuses on movie reviews, but he also reviews games and occasionally discusses movie news and theories.

Review Style:
Jeremy is known for his single-take reviews, which add to the authenticity and spontaneity of his content. His unique rating scale includes terms like ‘Dogshit,’ ‘Good Time if You’re Drunk,’ ‘Worth Buying on Blu-ray,’ and ‘Awesometacular.’

Rotten Tomatoes:
Jeremy is a Tomatometer-approved critic, which means his reviews are included in the aggregate scores on Rotten Tomatoes, adding to his credibility as a film critic.

Personal Life

Jeremy Jahns has kept much of his personal life private. However, here is what is publicly known:

Birthdate: May 8, 1981
Age: 43 years old
Family: There isn’t much public information about his family or marital status.

Net Worth

While exact figures are not publicly disclosed, various online sources estimate Jeremy Jahns’ net worth to be in the range of hundreds of thousands to over a million dollars. His income primarily comes from his YouTube channel, associated partnerships, and possibly other ventures.

For More Information

For the most current and detailed information, you can visit his YouTube channel or social media profiles. Additionally, you can explore his Wikitubia page or read his biography on Biography Tribune.

Jeremy Jahns continues to be a significant figure in the world of movie reviews, providing his audience with honest and entertaining content. Whether you’re a movie buff or just looking for a good recommendation, his channel is definitely worth checking out.

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