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Hasnain Khan

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Hasnain Khan

Hasnain Khan is a famous digital creator who loves creating short interesting videos. His stunning pics are a rage on the platform as well as the lip-sync videos on popular dialogues.Hasnain Khan is mere 24 years old but has shown remarkable progress in his skills and work as compared to other social media influencers on the platform.

Hasnain Khan is extremely talented when it comes to lip-sync videos. His expressions according to the lines are flawless. Hasnain has tremendous acting skills too and it is evident from the success of his content. Recently he uploaded a video on the popular song “Tumhari adao ko hum jaante hai” and he literally cried while lip-syncing the lines. His viewers got emotional too. The post received 468k likes and 3,767 comments. His swag and his good looks are an added advantage. Any pics he uploads instantly grab the attention of his fans!

Hasnain Khan’s Social Media Influence

Hasnain Khan, also known as Hasnaink07, is a popular social media influencer. On Instagram, he has a large following of over 13 million followers with an engagement rate of 1.17% which is excellent. His audience loves to interact with him and their bonding is great. This comes from the fact that Hasnain is quite consistent with his uploads.

His creativity and consistency are the two most important factors that have helped him to reach the position he is at present. It’s truly amazing that his average interaction per post is 151.65k likes and 3.11k comments!. He posts content mostly about modeling and interacts with other popular influencers.

About YouTube Channel

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Hasnain churane aaya sabka chain! 

Subscribe to my channel to know more about me😃🤞🏻

Social Media Stats

Instagram (@hasnaink07
Hasnain khan
Digital creator
Mumbai 📍
Business : @hasnaink07
  • 2,068 Posts
  • 219 Following
YouTube Joined Jan 5, 2021 (@HasnainKhan_Official)
  • 65.3K subscribers
  • 305 videos

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