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Harleen Singh

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Harleen Singh

Harleen Singh is a travel addict, Harleen is insanely in love with dogs (speak of being a Doggo-person), food, and is also a movie buff. Her IG profile consisting of 92.3k followers is brimming with her travel photos, and many have her posing with her furry friends.

Harleen started solo travelling when she was just 17 yrs old and has already visited more than 13 countries. She believes it is therapeutic and helps one clear their mind. We couldn’t agree more, Harleen! This thrill-seeking adventurer’s Bungy jump is her most engaging content at 44k views! She asks you not to worry too much about finance but be more mindful of personal safety while travelling alone. She believes that you travel not to stay in luxurious hotels but to learn about a new city. If you love travelling or want to start with it, do scroll through her Instagram feed. You could even ask Harleen your travel-related queries, and she will answer your questions, seeing as her engagement rate is above 25.30%! What! This is one influencer who loves her followers equally back!

About Her Branding and Collaboration works

This fearless Instagram influencer’s brand collaborations‘ archive includes – Plum (ER – almost 15%), Thera Para Travels (ER – almost 12.50%), Nissan India (ER – over 26%), Fuschia Design Studio (ER – over 18%), Tranquil Resort (ER – over 15.50%), and others.

Social Media Stats

Instagram (@wander_leen)
Harleen Singh
Travel enthusiast • dog lover • movie buff • foodie!
Founder @kelayabyharleen
  • 545 posts
  • 156 following

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