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Hansika Krishna

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Hansika Krishna

Hansika Krishna and her sisters grew up in the limelight thanks to her famous parents. She grew up seeing her elder sisters foraying into their own paths; her eldest sister Ahaana is an up and coming young actress in the Malayalam movie industry and her other two sisters are also popular social media icons. It was not surprising that Hansika too stepped into the world of YouTube and started her own channel in 2020. Within a span of a few days, she was able to amass tens of thousands of subscribers on her channel, at a speed envied by all. She posts videos on her dancing, which she is passionate about, as well as daily life activities, shopping hauls, cooking, and travels with her family and friends.

Other than dance, this budding star is also equally passionate about acting. She played the role of Ahaana’s younger self in the movie ‘Luca’ which proved how comfortable she was in front of the camera. She is part of drama club in her school and after completing her studies, plans to pursue acting as a full time career much like her eldest sister. At just 15 years old, Hansika Krishna, the youngest daughter of actors Krishna Kumar and Sindhu Krishna, is a successful social media influencer and YouTuber. This resident of Thiruvananthapuram juggles studies with her social media presence with panache.

About YouTube Channel

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Hello ! I am a 17 year old who loves to dance and crack jokes 😀

His YouTube Channel holds an active subscribers of about 521K subscribers
with 146 videos. She joined YouTube on 2 Jun 2019 and her YouTube channel had a view count of 94,803,385 views.

Social Media Stats

Instagram (@hansubeeeey)
Hansika Krishna 🐣
Public figure
17 ✧˖°🕯️🧸
memories ♾️
  • 768 posts
  • 278 following
YouTube (@hansikaakrishna)
  • 521K subscribers
  • 146 videos

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