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Gaurav Taneja

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Gaurav Taneja

Gaurav Taneja is a vlogger who is famous for family vlogs featuring her wife and daughters and keeping it raw and authentic

This muscular content creator is a “certified” nutritionist and a former pilot. Gaurav is an Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur Civil Engineering graduate. At Delhi University’s Faculty of Law, he is also pursuing a legal education.

Rasbhari Ke Papa, Fit Muscle TV, and Flying Beast are three of Gaurav’s YouTube channels. His channels are made up of vlogs (video blogs) on the daily activities of his family. Other well-known influences like Technical Guruji, Mumbiker Nikhil, and Slay Point are among those with whom Gaurav has worked. 

Gaurav Taneja’s Social media influence

Gaurav is undoubtedly a “hot property” in Bollywood thanks to his popularity. He has also worked on several intriguing projects with celebrities like Ajay Devgn, Tiger Shroff, R Madhavan, and others.

His wife Ritu is as well-liked on Instagram as Gaurav, and the duo has a devoted following. Additionally, Ritu and Gaurav took part in the reality programme Smart Jodi. Speaking of popularity, 3.4 million people follow Gaurav’s Instagram profile. Ritu has 1.6 million Instagram followers, in contrast. Make sure you follow him!

About His Youtube Channel

Youtube Description

Hi, I live in New Delhi. I love to share my stories with you guys. This is my Vlog channel. Please go and visit my other channel on fitness. People say I know a thing or two about fitness. (FitMuscle TV) Disclaimer – The videos may not always depict real life scenarios. These are for Entertainment purposes.

@fitmuscletv4536         – 2.09M subscribers
@RasbhariKePapa320 – 1.25M subscribers

Social Media Stats

Instagram (@taneja.gaurav)
Gaurav Taneja (Flying Beast)
Video creator
Indian Content Creator
YouTube- Flying Beast// FitMuscle TV
Currently on #DeshkaDhoni mission

IIT KGP // Captain A320 ✈️ // Faculty of Law, DU
  • 1.5K Posts
  • 313 Following
YouTube ,Joined Dec 1, 2017(@FlyingBeast320)
India’s No1 Fitness channel
  • 8.65M subscribers
  • 1,536 videos

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