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Firoz Chuttipara

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Firoz Chuttipara

Firoz Chuttipara, is a YouTuber (@VillageFoodChannelOfficial 7.37M subscribers) and a Chef. Starting Off his career in Saudi Arabia, Firoz Chuttipara never thought that he could discover his talent in cooking. Being an abroad settled man, he was forced to try his hands in cooking just to get rid of the regular hotel food. Trying all the dishes prepared by his mom at home, Firoz started realising his interest in cooking. But he never thought that he could build a career out of the same while he came back to his place. Firoz Chuttipara who has an excellent talent in cooking and serving now runs a Youtube Channel with the name, Village Food Channel. The effort he puts into cooking is well evident through each of his videos. Honest and Natural presentation of videos gave him the opportunity to bag the award for the Best Youtuber in 2019. It’s not just about cooking that makes Firoz special, his broad mind to cook for those who starve makes his deeds divine. No one is Born a Great Cook, One Learns By Doing. A talented man from Palakkad turned out to be a great cook by constantly practicing it. Get to know about Firoz Chuttipara who accidentally came into cooking and now rules social media with his appetizing dishes.

About Firoz Chuttipara’s YouTube Channel

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Welcome to Village Food Channel. This will entertain you with most interesting Food Recipes, Village Style Foods, Traditional Food Recipes and More… Please WATCH ALL VIDEO completely then LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE this channel to get very useful Food recipe . And also your subscription help the POOR ON OLD AGE HOME, DISABLED TRUST and ORPHANAGES, Because a one part of this channel’s payments will be given to them as a charity. So please SUBSCRIBE, WATCH VIDEO and SHARE.IT. VALUES AS A GOOD DEED

His YouTube channel covers around an audiences of 7.37M subscribers with almost 400 videos. He also had another YouTube channel specially dedicated to exploration and travel contents. You can find it here Travel Master. It has almost 1.79M subscribers.

Social Media Stats

YouTube (@VillageFoodChannelOfficial)
  • 7.37M subscribers
  • 400 videos
YouTube (@TravelMaster)
  • 1.79M subscribers
  • 58 videos
Instagram (@firoz_chuttipara)
  • 0 posts
Facebook (@Firoz Chuttipara)

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