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Farah Khan Ali

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Farah Khan Ali

Farah Khan Ali is the eldest of the four children of actor-producer-director Sanjay Khan and interior designer Zarine Khan. After finishing her graduation from Sophia College, Mumbai, Farah tried her hand at ad films to interior design and television production. She did a course in Gemmology at the renowned Gemmological Institute of America in Santa Monica, California in 1992 and launched her own jewellery brand, Farah Khan Fine Jewellery, in 2004.

Today, she caters to both domestic and international clients. The ace designer was voted by the Network 7 Media Group’s India Leadership Conclave 2015 Edition as ‘Innovative Leadership in Luxury Brands Concept 2015’ founded by Satya Brahma.

About Farah Khan Ali & Her Moto

You have created a brand that is very much about your personality. How do you think that reflects in the designs that you create?

“My brand is my personality. I am the ever changing person who goes with the time and for me, being alive is the most important thing. My brand is unique in design and we cater to women with great taste of jewellery, women who want to indulge and women who want to have statement pieces” said by Farah Khan Ali.

I began 23 years ago as a jewellery designer and here I am 23 years later as a brand. It’s been a long journey with lots of ups and downs and a lot of learning on the way, but all good learning’s. Even when there were experiences which pushed me back, I came back knowing that I order to jump one step ahead you need to two steps back.

“I am classic, I am creative and I love to do what I do. I live to design and not just love to design” said by her.

Farah Khan Ali’s View About Social Media

For Farah Khan Ali, Twitter is place for conversation and for expressing views, because she is a creative and philosophical person. It is also a place for her to share positivity, because of the way she has been brought up to view this world as a one world and humanity and to see no differences in people but to appreciate their uniqueness. When she started with Twitter, it was more about engaging with happy, cheerful banter with people. Unfortunately, over the years Twitter has become a political tool and political platform and she is’t interested in politics neither she was’t affiliated to any political parties or political ideologies, because she believe that “we are one people and humanity is my religion”.

However, she is yet to discover Twitter as a tool for branding because she don’t do that on Twitter. It remains a place for her to express her views. She use the Instagram platform more to express her work, giving people a peek into her lifestyle and her world. She believe in sharing, she appreciate the beauty and she love the world around her, and so she keep on sharing beautiful thoughts and pictures. As far as facing the brunt of people who troll her and people who say nasty things to her, she tend to block them because she believe that engaging with people in such a way is a waste of time and energy.

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Her Twitter Bio

“Creative soul, Come from a family of Muslim, Hindu, Sikh, Christian, & Parsi faiths. Respect All. Shun divisive forces, love Unity. Live & let live. No Politics”

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