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Fahim Maharoof

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Fahim Maharoof

Traveller, YouTuber, blogger, storyteller, and fashion icon, Fahim Maharoof does it all. Born and brought up in Kannur, this youngster, bitten by the travel bug, started travelling solo very recently but has already managed to travel to almost all the northern states in India in such a short span of time.

Fahim Maharoof started his YouTube channel in his own name to showcase the experiences he has had in travelling to places he has been to, with an aim to inspire fellow travellers in India to pack their bags and get on their feet. For fahim, “happiness is only real when shared” and that is why he started documenting his travel experiences as vlogs. Being a true blue traveller, he aspires to travel to each and every nook and corner of the world, exploring every continent and country on earth.

Fahim’s love for travelling has also prompted him to start a travel company as well, by the name of ‘Trip Triangle’, which is a backpacking and budget traveller friendly travel company. Trip Triangle conducts weekly/monthly trips and/or treks to pristine, unexplored, beautiful places in and around India, mostly focusing on young travellers, who wish to share the experience of both travelling as well as meeting like minded people.

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A Passionate Traveller and Founder of a Travel Company Called Trip Triangle. Travelled Around 29 States And Mostly In North Side. Why I’m Here? I Want To Share My Every Experience And Inspire Lot Of Travellers In India. I Believe Happiness Only Real When Shared. Vision of Life? Explore Each and Every Corner Of The World And Conquer Every Countries In The World.

His YouTube Channel holds an active subscribers of about 19K subscribers
with 592 videos. He joined YouTube on 15 Jan 2017 and his YouTube channel had a view count of 679,068 views.

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Instagram (@fahim.maharoof)
Fahim Maharoof | Traveller🇮🇳
Digital creator
Founder : @trip.triangle
Traveller & YouTuber
🇮🇳28/29 🌍36/197 🇪🇺22/27
  • 481 posts
  • 3,535 following
YouTube (@FahimMaharoof)
  • 19K subscribers
  • 38 videos
Facebook (@Fahim Maharoof)

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