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Dayalu Designs (tailor akka)

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Dayalu Designs (tailor akka): Elevating Fashion Education


Dayalu Designs, also known as Tyler Akks, is a distinguished platform dedicated to offering comprehensive tailoring courses and high-quality products. Spearheaded by Dayalu S., an experienced fashion designer with over 8 years of industry experience, Dayalu Designs aims to provide enriching learning opportunities for fashion enthusiasts and aspiring tailors. 🧵

Early Life and Career Beginnings

  • Real Name: Dayalu S.
  • Experience: Over 8 years in the fashion industry
  • Specialization: Fashion design and tailoring
  • Initial Ventures: Started as a fashion designer, gradually transitioning into education to share expertise and skills with a broader audience.

Rise to Prominence

  • Platform Name: Dayalu Designs (Tyler Akks)
  • Main Offerings:
    • Tailoring Courses: Basics of tailoring, blouse design, and Anarkali patterns
    • Products: Tailoring tools, fabrics, and design templates
  • Teaching Approach: Practical and hands-on, focusing on step-by-step instructions to ensure thorough understanding and skill development.

Net Worth and Earnings

  • Estimated Net Worth: Not publicly disclosed
  • Income Sources: Revenue from course enrollments, sales of products, and YouTube ad revenue

Personal Life

  • Leadership: Dayalu S. (Fashion Designer)
  • Personal Philosophy: Committed to making fashion design accessible and enjoyable for everyone, from beginners to advanced learners.
  • Public Persona: Known for a friendly and approachable teaching style, encouraging creativity and precision in fashion design.

Achievements and Contributions

  • Educational Impact: Helped countless students develop their tailoring skills through detailed and engaging courses.
  • Community Engagement: Active on social media and YouTube, sharing free tutorials and tips to foster a supportive learning community.
  • YouTube Channel:
    • Content: Tutorial videos on tailoring techniques, design patterns, and fashion tips
    • Subscriber Count: Growing steadily as more viewers discover the value of the content.
  • Courses Offered:
    • Basics of Tailoring: Foundational skills for beginners
    • Blouse Design: Techniques and patterns for creating various blouse styles
    • Anarkali Patterns: Step-by-step guide to designing and tailoring Anarkali dresses


Dayalu Designs, under the leadership of Dayalu S., stands out as a premier platform for fashion education. With a wealth of experience and a passion for teaching, Dayalu Designs has empowered many individuals to pursue their interests in fashion and tailoring. The platform continues to grow, providing valuable resources and fostering a community of creative learners. 🧵

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