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Coach Mathi

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Coach Mathi

We all know that fitness is important. Some of us might use Dumbells who are into weight training while others prefer squats and pushups. Well.. fitness is more to it. Can you believe that lifting rice sacks can be fitness training? From cardio to HIIT, learn everything about making fitness a part of your routine from Coach Mathi only on Pepul Creators.

Coach Mathi is an Indian Fitness Trainer, Boxer, and YouTuber1. He is an extremely popular and beloved personality who shares inspiring and engaging content on various social media channels. Coach Mathi is widely known for his fitness content.

He has participated in various Professional Boxing Fights and Fitness Contests. Coach Mathi has six years of expertise in the field of personal training. He has worked as a trainer for the Indian Army. Coach Mathi also runs a YouTube channel where he uploads his inspiring videos with fitness tips and workout instructions.

His YouTube channel is called ‘Coach Mathi Fit-தமிழா’. Join the ‘Coach Mathi Fit-தமிழா’ community today and embark on your own fitness journey.” Remember, this content is based on available online sources and may not be completely accurate or up-to-date. For the most accurate information, it’s best to refer to his official social med

Instagram:  Coach Mathi

Youtube: Coach Mathi

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