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Clinton Kane

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  • Age: Clinton Kane was born on November 26, 1999, which makes him 24 years old.
  • Net Worth: His net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $5 million dollars.
  • Dating History: Clinton Kane’s ex-girlfriend is Brooke Schofield. However, there have been recent allegations made by Brooke Schofield about Kane being an “extreme pathological liar” during their three-month relationship in 2021.
  • Parents and Family Details:
    • Father: Mr. Kane (Filipino businessman)
    • Mother: Mrs. Kane (Norwegian housewife)
    • Brother: Alive (name not specified)

Clinton Kane is a singer-songwriter signed to Columbia Records. He was born on November 26, 1999, to a Filipino father and Norwegian mother. Due to his mother’s occupation as a Pentecostal pastor, he has lived in various countries, including Greece, Brunei, England, and Las Vegas. Kane is a self-taught singer and multi-instrumentalist who grew up singing in church . His 2021 singles “Chicken Tendies” and “I Guess I’m in Love” reached numbers 88 and 90, respectively, on the US Billboard Hot 100. The latter song also peaked at number 25 in Australia and number 22 in the UK. Recently, there has been some controversy surrounding Kane, but his representatives have refuted the allegations. If you’d like to listen to his music, you can check out his official video for “I Guess I’m In Love” on YouTube

Kane’s upbringing was quite diverse due to his mother’s occupation as a Pentecostal pastor, leading him to live in various countries like Greece, Brunei, England, and Las Vegas

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