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Bava Chelladurai

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Bava Chelladurai

Bava Chelladurai, South Indian Tamil author, actor, and storyteller is predominantly known for his enlightening political ideologies, public speaking and his profound social activism. It is often quoted that with a little 60 people present as audience, once after he began his story telling, aloud in Tiruvannamalai nearly 500 book lovers would attend and gather around the talk and would enjoy listening to his storytelling.

Bava Chelladurai had two sons and one daughter but unfortunately, he lost one of his sons in an accident and his other son Vamsi received positive feedback when he uploaded clips of him telling tales just as he inspired from his father in his YouTube channel. Bava Chelladurai assisted many event organisers in planning an essay competition that was held in Coimbatore and the neighbourhood districts nearby.

Bava Chelladurai recently was admired for his roles in Tamil cinema and started his acting career with the movie Joker (2016), he portrayed a comical character. Prior to playing a major role as a health minister in Walter (2020), Chelladurai appeared as supporting characters in Kudimagan (2019) and Psycho (2020). In the Indian and Tamil legal drama Jai Bhim (2021) with Actor Suriya in lead role, Bava Chelladurai played the role of Krishnan.

Bava Chelladurai’s Social and Political Activism

Bava Chelladurai is also well known for his social activism and political advocacy. In addition to this he is an important member of an impartial panel that opposes the killing, honour killing and violences against Dalit community people. Bava Chelladurai likewise spoke out and actively protested in opposition to the installation of a drainage pipe in Tiruvannamalai’s Sonagiri Forest.

Bava Chelladurai’s Books

Writer Bava Chelladurai has penned down several noteworthy Tamil books which includes:

Ella Nalum Karthigai
From 19 DM Saron
Bashirin Arai Aththanai Elithil Thirakkapadavillai
Siragisaitha Kaalam (co-written by V Nedu Cheziyan)
Ruins of the Night (co-written by Janaki Venataraman)
Natchaththirangal olinthu kollum karuvarai

Bava Chelladurai’s Publications

Writer Bava Chelladurai has actively taken part in publishing books as well which includes:

2011: Ruins of the Night (co-written by Janaki Venkatraman)
2013: Kaalam (co-written by V Nedu Cheziyan)
2016: Bashirin Arai Aththanai Elithil Thirakkapadavillai
2016: Dominick
2018: Ella Nalum Karthigai
2018: From 19 DM Saron

Bava Chelladurai’s Filmography

Writer Bava Chelladurai has taken up few solid impactful acting roles in Tamil cinema and rose to fame even among non-book loving audiences too, the movies depict his role includes:

2016: Joker
2019: Peranbu, as Siddha Kudimagan
2020: Psycho, as Akbar
2020: Walter, as Eshwaramoorthi
2021: Sennai, as Annam’s husband
2021: JaiBhim, as Natraja (a politician)

Bava Chelladurai’s Awards

Bava Chelladurai was felicitated with the Best Actor Award at Golden Sparrow International Film Festival, in the year 2021 in the month of May.

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