Gujarat’s Top 10 Influencers: Voices Shaping Trends and Culture

November 27, 2023

Gujarat, a vibrant state known for its rich heritage, entrepreneurial spirit, and diverse culture, is home to influential figures who wield considerable impact across various domains. These influencers, through their online presence and expertise, have not only garnered substantial followings but have also played a pivotal role in shaping conversations, trends, and perceptions within and beyond the state.

Based on insights gathered from platforms like Qoruz, social media platforms, and other reliable sources, here is a curated list of Gujarat’s top 10 influencers:

Gujarat's Top 10 Influencers

1. Rohit Zinjurke:

Rohit Zinjurke, a social media sensation with 26.9M Instagram followers predominantly from India, boasts a Qoruz score of 9.09. His content, primarily videos, averages 3.8M views, garnering 1.3M likes and 6.5K comments per post. Spanning diverse categories, his engaging posts spark conversations, setting trends nationwide.

2. Rashid Khan:

Rashid Khan, a notable figure on Instagram, commands a significant following of 8.6 million predominantly from India. With a commendable Qoruz score of 8.80, Rashid’s engagement prowess shines through, reflected in his average video views of 517.5K. His content elicits remarkable engagement, drawing an average of 628.2K likes and 2.9K comments per post, fostering an interactive community. While his posts span diverse categories, the majority falls under the null category, reflecting his varied interests and broad appeal. Rashid Khan’s influence transcends borders, inspiring and captivating audiences with his compelling content and engaging presence on the platform.

3. Ravindra Jadeja:

Ravindra Jadeja, a sporting legend, boasts 7.5 million followers on Instagram, primarily from India. His impressive Qoruz score of 8.75 signifies a strong engagement level. With an average of 698.9K video views and 625.2K likes per post, he captivates audiences with his compelling content. While engaging his audience effectively, Ravindra Jadeja’s Instagram posts predominantly fall under the Sports and Cricket category, resonating deeply with his followers. Despite his prominence in sports, his influence extends beyond the cricketing world, showcasing diverse interests and garnering a notable engagement rate of 1.2K comments per post. Ravindra Jadeja’s Instagram presence reflects his impact as a sporting icon, inspiring and engaging millions with his content in the realm of sports and beyond.

4. Riya Jha:

Riya Jha, an Instagram influencer with a substantial following of 3.1 million, predominantly captures the attention of Indian audiences. Her Qoruz score of 7.72 reflects a commendable engagement level. While her average video views stand at 33.1K, her posts attract an average of 3.1K likes and 19 comments per post. Notably, the majority of Riya Jha’s Instagram posts fall under the null category, signifying a diverse range of content. Despite varying categories, Riya’s content resonates with her followers, eliciting modest yet engaging interactions. With an influential presence, Riya Jha connects with her audience, showcasing versatility in her content while fostering engagement and interactions within her diverse follower base.

5. Sachin Tiwari:

Sachin Tiwari, with a substantial following of 2.2 million on Instagram, primarily engages audiences from India. His impressive Qoruz score of 8.11 signifies a high engagement rate. Sachin’s content gathers an average of 219.0K video views, 73.0K likes, and 452 comments per post. Notably, the majority of Sachin Tiwari’s Instagram posts fall under the null category, reflecting a diverse range of content and interests. Despite varied categories, Sachin maintains an engaged audience, eliciting interactions and fostering a connection with his diverse follower base.Sachin Tiwari’s influential presence on Instagram demonstrates his ability to captivate audiences, showcasing diverse content and garnering active engagement across his platform.

6. Prafull Bhillore:

Prafull Billore, with a significant following of 1.4 million on Instagram, predominantly engages audiences in India. His commendable Qoruz score of 8.06 signifies robust engagement. Prafull’s content averages 80.1K video views, 81.2K likes, and 304 comments per post. Primarily focusing on the Investment & Finance and Education categories, Prafull Billore’s Instagram posts reflect his expertise and passion. Despite varied content, he fosters active engagement, encouraging discussions and interactions within his community. Prafull Billore’s influential presence is marked by his commitment to educating and engaging his audience. His content resonates with followers, offering valuable insights into investment, finance, and education, fostering a knowledgeable and interactive community.

7. Shivamsingh Rajput:

Shivamsingh Rajput, with a significant following of 1.3 million on Instagram, predominantly engages audiences within India. His impressive Qoruz score of 8.06 reflects a strong engagement level. Shivamsingh’s content averages 288.1K video views, 60.4K likes, and 727 comments per post. The majority of Shivamsingh Rajput’s Instagram posts fall under the Arts & Entertainment category, showcasing his interests and captivating his diverse follower base. Despite varied content, Shivamsingh fosters active engagement, encouraging discussions and interactions among his audience. Shivamsingh Rajput’s influential presence reflects his ability to captivate audiences with engaging content, displaying a passion for arts and entertainment that resonates with his followers, sparking conversations and fostering connections within his community.

8. Pooja A Gor:

Pooja A Gor, with a substantial following of 1.2 million on Instagram, primarily engages audiences in India. Her Qoruz score of 7.67 indicates a considerable engagement level. Pooja’s content averages 28.3K video views, 10.7K likes, and 225 comments per post. The majority of Pooja A Gor’s Instagram posts fall under the Arts & Entertainment, Television, and Movies categories, reflecting her involvement and interests. Despite varied content, she fosters active engagement, eliciting discussions and interactions among her followers. Pooja A Gor’s influential presence underscores her role in entertaining and engaging her audience. Her diverse content resonates with followers, showcasing her involvement in arts, entertainment, television, and movies, creating a lively and interactive community.

9. Sc0ut:

Sc0ut commands an impressive following of 3.9 million on Instagram, primarily engaging an audience from India. With a remarkable Qoruz score of 8.46, Sc0ut’s account boasts substantial engagement. His content garners an average of 565.1K video views, 319.4K likes, and 1.1K comments per post. The majority of Sc0ut’s Instagram posts fall under the Gaming category, reflecting his expertise and passion. Despite specific content, he stimulates active engagement, encouraging discussions and interactions within his gaming community. Sc0ut’s influential presence as a gaming sensation captivates followers, showcasing his gaming endeavors, fostering an enthusiastic community, and establishing himself as a prominent figure in the gaming sphere.

10. Barbie:

It seems there might be a misunderstanding or inaccuracy regarding the account statistics provided for “Barbie.” The description mentions the majority of posts falling under the “Digital Marketing” category, but it’s important to note that the Barbie brand primarily represents a line of fashion dolls and associated merchandise by Mattel. Barbie’s account, with 3.6 million followers, predominantly engages an audience from India, boasting a respectable Qoruz score of 8.17. The account’s average statistics include 74.6K video views, 63.6K likes, and 295 comments per post. However, associating Barbie, the well-known doll brand, with the Digital Marketing category might not align with its primary purpose or content. Barbie’s social media presence usually focuses on fashion, lifestyle, creativity, and inspiring young audiences rather than specific digital marketing content.

These influencers represent a diverse spectrum of domains, from fashion, lifestyle, and travel to entrepreneurship, social activism, and culture. Through their engaging content, expertise, and innovative approaches, they have captivated audiences, driven conversations, and left a lasting impact on the cultural and social fabric of Gujarat.

Their influence extends beyond mere popularity; they serve as catalysts for change, inspiring innovation, and fostering a sense of community among their followers. These influential figures play a pivotal role in shaping opinions, fostering dialogue, and contributing significantly to Gujarat’s dynamism and growth.

While this list highlights some of Gujarat’s prominent influencers, it’s important to note that the landscape of influence is dynamic, with emerging voices continuously making noteworthy contributions. These influencers serve as beacons of inspiration, guiding the trajectory of trends and conversations in Gujarat and beyond.

As they continue to evolve and diversify their influence, these top influencers remain instrumental in shaping the narrative and contributing to the vibrant cultural tapestry of Gujarat.

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