Influencer Etiquette: The Controversy of Vlogging at Weddings

June 29, 2024

In today’s digital age, influencers have a unique position, where their lives are both public and profitable. However, this unique position often leads to conflicts, particularly regarding privacy and respect in private events. Recently, a major controversy erupted when an influencer vlogged an entire wedding without permission, leading to significant backlash and a heated debate about influencer entitlement and etiquette. In this blog post, we will delve into this incident, discuss the implications, and highlight the key lessons that can be learned about influencer behavior and respect for privacy.

Setting the Scene

Imagine you’re a YouTuber who just posted a vlog that gets you into scalding hot water. You’ve hurt a good friend and rubbed everyone the wrong way. Within 48 hours, you delete the video and post an apology on social media, but instead of taking responsibility, you blame-shift and make it about yourself. Welcome to one of the most controversial moments of 2024: the drama at Cobra and Alex Warren’s wedding.

Brett Cooper, a popular YouTuber, recently covered this incident in her video titled “Influencers Don’t Know How To Act At Weddings.” Let’s break down the key points and the larger issues at play.

Influencer Etiquette: The Controversy of Vlogging at Weddings

The Incident

Vlogging at the Wedding

Cobra and Alex Warren, members of the original Hype House and significant figures on TikTok and YouTube, got married recently. Their wedding was a beautiful and highly anticipated event. However, the joy of the occasion was marred when Lilah, another influencer, vlogged the entire wedding and posted it online before the couple could share their own curated moments.

Public Backlash

As Brett Cooper explains, the backlash was swift and intense. The internet turned against Lilah for several reasons:

  • Violation of Privacy: Lilah vlogged the entire wedding, including intimate moments like the vows, despite a clear request from the couple to not film during the ceremony.
  • Preemptive Posting: Lilah posted the vlog before the couple could share their own wedding video, which they had likely spent thousands of dollars on for professional videography.
  • Blame-shifting Apology: Instead of a sincere apology, Lilah’s response on social media was seen as blame-shifting and making the incident about her own struggles and identity.

Brett Cooper’s Take

Brett Cooper first learned about this story while scrolling through TikTok, where she saw multiple videos criticizing the act of vlogging at someone else’s wedding. She was particularly incensed because, as a newlywed herself, she understood the importance of keeping such a significant day private and under the control of the couple.

The Broader Issue: Influencer Entitlement

This incident isn’t just about one vlogger at one wedding; it’s indicative of a broader problem within influencer culture. Cooper articulates this issue well, noting that many influencers believe the world revolves around them and their content. They often disregard the privacy and wishes of others in their quest for views and engagement.

Key Points of Entitlement:

  • Assuming the Right to Film Anywhere: Many influencers act as if they have the right to film anyone and anything at any time, turning the world into their stage.
  • Disregarding Others’ Wishes: In this case, despite the couple’s explicit request for no filming, Lilah proceeded to document and share the entire wedding.
  • Prioritizing Content Over Respect: The drive for content and engagement often leads influencers to prioritize their needs over respect for others’ privacy and significant moments.

Lessons from the Controversy

Respect Privacy

The most crucial lesson here is the importance of respecting privacy, especially during significant life events like weddings. As influencers, it’s vital to remember that not everything is content. Some moments are meant to be private, and respecting that is essential.

Seek Permission

If you feel the need to create content at someone else’s event, always seek permission first. Ask the hosts if they’re comfortable with you filming and posting about the event. If they say no, respect their decision.

Post Responsibly

Even with permission, be mindful of what you post. Ensure that your content doesn’t overshadow the event itself or the hosts’ own announcements. In the case of weddings, allow the couple to share their special moments first.

Sincere Apologies

If you make a mistake, own up to it sincerely. Apologize without shifting blame or making excuses. Acknowledge your error and express genuine remorse. This goes a long way in maintaining trust and respect with your audience and peers.

Understand Boundaries

Finally, understand that there are boundaries to what should be shared online. Just because you can film something doesn’t mean you should. Use discretion and consider the impact of your content on others involved.

The Fallout

Lilah’s Apology

After deleting the vlog, Lilah posted an apology on TikTok, which Brett Cooper critiqued extensively. Lilah’s apology included statements like, “I drove four hours to get here,” and “I thought this would make people happy.” These statements were seen as deflecting responsibility and focusing on Lilah’s own efforts and struggles rather than the actual issue at hand.

Cooper’s Critique

Cooper pointed out that this kind of blame-shifting is common in influencer apologies. Instead of taking full responsibility, influencers often try to make themselves the victim, which only exacerbates the situation. Cooper emphasized that a sincere apology should focus on the wrongdoing and express genuine regret.

Key Takeaways

Influencers and Entitlement

The key takeaway from this controversy is the pervasive issue of entitlement within influencer culture. Influencers need to remember that their content should not come at the expense of others’ privacy and significant life events. Respect, permission, and responsible posting are essential practices.

Public Response

The public response to this incident highlights a growing frustration with influencer behavior. People are tired of seeing private moments exploited for content and are calling for more respect and discretion from influencers.

Moving Forward

For influencers, this incident serves as a crucial reminder to prioritize respect and privacy over content creation. Building a career on social media comes with the responsibility to respect others’ boundaries and significant moments.

The controversy surrounding Lilah ‘s vlogging at Cobra and Alex Warren’s wedding is a stark reminder of the importance of respecting privacy and boundaries as an influencer. While content creation is a significant part of an influencer’s life, it should never come at the expense of others’ significant moments and privacy.

Influencers have a unique platform and a responsibility to use it wisely. By seeking permission, posting responsibly, and respecting privacy, influencers can maintain trust and respect with their audience and peers. And when mistakes happen, owning up sincerely and taking responsibility can go a long way in resolving conflicts and maintaining credibility.

In the end, it’s about balancing the desire to create engaging content with the need to respect others’ privacy and significant life events. This balance is crucial for maintaining a positive and respectful influencer culture.

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