Bigg Boss OTT 3: Meet the Contestants

June 21, 2024

The much-anticipated Bigg Boss OTT 3 has finally kicked off, and this season promises to be more thrilling than ever. With a fresh mix of contestants from diverse backgrounds and professions, this year’s lineup is set to captivate audiences with their unique stories and vibrant personalities. Let’s dive into the lives of these intriguing participants and explore who will be vying for the coveted title this year.

The Contenders of Bigg Boss OTT 3

  1. Chandrika Chandrika (Vada Pav Girl)
    • Background: Chandrika hails from Indore and is affectionately known as the Vada Pav girl. She went from being unemployed to running a highly successful Vada Pav stall in Delhi, earning up to five lakh rupees a day.
    • Story: Raised without her mother, Chandrika faced numerous personal and financial challenges. She left her job at Haldiram to care for her ailing son and started her food business, which became a massive hit on social media. Her journey is one of resilience and determination, and she’s now ready to showcase her grit in the Bigg Boss house.
  2. Naveed Sheikh (Nazy)
    • Background: Nazy, a renowned rapper from Mumbai, rose to fame with his impactful tracks in the movie “Gully Boy.” His music often addresses political issues and the struggles of the common man.
    • Story: Nazy’s lyrics reflect his raw and powerful take on life’s challenges. Recently involved in a controversy over a diss track, he is entering the Bigg Boss house to revive his career and bring his unfiltered personality to the audience.
  3. Manisha Khatawani
    • Background: A prominent tarot reader and astrologer, Manisha first appeared as a child actress in the TV serial “Just Mohabbat.” She has provided readings for many Bollywood celebrities.
    • Story: After her stint in acting, Manisha found her calling in astrology. Her ability to foresee the future might add an interesting twist to the house dynamics as she navigates the challenges and alliances within.
  4. Shivani Kumari
    • Background: Shivani is from a small village in Uttar Pradesh and became a social media sensation on TikTok at a young age.
    • Story: Starting her journey in social media at just 16, Shivani’s rise to fame is a testament to her creativity and connection with her audience. Her youthful energy and fresh perspective will bring a new vibe to the Bigg Boss house.
  5. Neeraj Kaur
    • Background: A professional boxer and mixed martial artist from Karnal, Haryana.
    • Story: Neeraj’s dedication to her sport has seen her win numerous accolades. Known for her fighting spirit, she will undoubtedly bring the same tenacity and discipline to the Bigg Boss house.
  6. Sai Ketan Rao
    • Background: Sai Ketan Rao is an actor who has made his mark in Hindi and Telugu films and TV shows.
    • Story: With a career spanning over eight years, Sai has gained a reputation for his dedication and passion. His calm demeanor and strategic thinking will be crucial as he navigates the highs and lows of the Bigg Boss house.
  7. Palomi Das
    • Background: A stunning model and TV actress, Palomi began her career with “India’s Next Top Model” and has since starred in several hit TV series.
    • Story: In just seven years, Palomi has carved out a successful career in acting. Her journey from the runway to the television screen shows her versatility and determination. She’s expected to charm the audience with her grace and poise.
  8. Sana Sultan
    • Background: Sana is an Indian model, actor, and social media influencer known for her distinct fashion sense.
    • Story: Despite being bullied in college for her unique style, Sana didn’t give up on her passion for fashion and beauty. She took to social media to showcase her talent and eventually gained significant recognition, including the Social Media Star of the Year award.
  9. Sana Makbul Khan
    • Background: Sana is an accomplished actress who has appeared in Hindi serials, Telugu, and Tamil movies, and participated in the reality show “Khatron Ke Khiladi.”
    • Story: Sana’s versatility as an actress and her reality show experience make her a well-rounded contestant. Known for her bold and fearless attitude, she is expected to be a strong competitor in the Bigg Boss house.
  10. Deepak Chaurasia
    • Background: Deepak is a renowned Indian journalist and co-founder of Aaj Tak. He has worked with major news networks like DD News, Star News, India News, and Zee News.
    • Story: With a career spanning decades in journalism, Deepak’s sharp mind and authoritative voice will bring a new dimension to the Bigg Boss house. His ability to analyze situations and stay composed under pressure will be interesting to watch.
  11. Vishal Pandey
    • Background: A social media influencer with millions of followers, Vishal is also a successful YouTuber.
    • Story: Vishal’s engaging personality and his extensive experience in creating viral content will make him a standout contestant. His charisma and sense of humor are expected to win over both housemates and viewers.
  12. Armaan Malik
    • Background: Armaan is a successful YouTuber and owner of a music company, known for his entrepreneurial spirit.
    • Story: Armaan’s journey from a YouTube star to a business owner highlights his strategic mind and creativity. His entry into the Bigg Boss house is highly anticipated by his fans who are eager to see his real-life persona.
  13. Love Kataria
    • Background: Best friend and supporter of Bigg Boss OTT 2 winner Elvis Yadav, Love is also a social media personality.
    • Story: Although not as viral as his friend, Love has built a significant following. His entry into the Bigg Boss house is expected to be strategic, leveraging his connection with Elvis to navigate the game.

Contestant List Table

Contestant NameBackgroundStory
Chandrika ChandrikaVada Pav VendorFrom unemployment to a successful street food vendor
Naveed Sheikh (Nazy)RapperFamous for raw, politically charged music
Manisha KhatawaniTarot ReaderChild actress turned astrologer
Shivani KumariSocial Media StarTikTok sensation from a small village
Neeraj KaurBoxer/MMA FighterProfessional athlete with a fighting spirit
Sai Ketan RaoActorDedicated actor with experience in films and TV
Palomi DasModel/ActressGlamorous model and TV actress
Sana SultanInfluencerOvercame bullying to become a fashion influencer
Sana Makbul KhanActressDiverse acting roles and reality show participant
Deepak ChaurasiaJournalistRenowned journalist with a strong voice
Vishal PandeyInfluencerPopular social media star and YouTuber
Armaan MalikEntrepreneurSuccessful YouTuber and music company owner
Love KatariaSocial Media PersonalitySupporter of BBOTT 2 winner, ready to shine

With such a diverse and vibrant group of contestants, Bigg Boss OTT 3 promises to be a rollercoaster of emotions, drama, and entertainment. Stay tuned as these contestants bring their stories, strategies, and personalities to the forefront, battling it out for the ultimate title.

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