Biden Snaps at TikToker During Influencer Event

June 23, 2024

In a recent event that has sparked significant online discourse, President Joe Biden interacted with a TikTok influencer at a White House gathering, leading to some unexpected reactions. This incident, which was captured on video and has since gone viral, was a hot topic during Hasan Piker’s (HasanAbi) live stream, where he offered his take on the unfolding events. Let’s dive into the details, reactions, and broader implications of this interaction.

The White House Event: Setting the Stage

The White House has increasingly been engaging with social media influencers to connect with younger audiences. This particular event aimed to bolster the administration’s image and communicate its achievements to a demographic that consumes most of its information online. The choice of venue and the presence of influencers underscore the administration’s recognition of the power of social media in shaping public opinion.

Biden Snaps at TikToker During Influencer Event

Biden’s Interaction with Jonathan Katz

Among the influencers present was Jonathan Katz, a journalist and content creator known for his balanced views. During a brief interaction, Katz questioned Biden on several pressing issues, including Israel’s security and U.S. aid. The conversation took an unexpected turn when Biden, feeling the pressure of the moment, snapped at Katz and humorously threatened to throw his phone.

Biden’s Comments on Israel

Katz’s questions centered on two key points: the security of Israel and the ongoing U.S. financial aid to the country. Biden reiterated his stance on Israel’s security, calling it essential, and emphasized the differences in how Israel operates in Gaza compared to broader regional security concerns. However, Biden’s responses lacked depth, particularly when addressing pro-Palestinian demonstrations, which he did not directly answer.

The Phone Incident

The highlight of the exchange came when Biden, feeling cornered by Katz’s persistent questioning, made a light-hearted but sharp comment. He said, “I trust you as far as I can throw your phone, and I have a good arm.” This remark, though humorous, indicated Biden’s growing impatience. HasanAbi, during his stream, noted the dual nature of the comment—both a joke and a subtle indication of Biden’s frustration.

HasanAbi’s Reaction

HasanAbi, known for his incisive commentary and progressive views, provided an in-depth reaction to the event. He criticized the portrayal of Biden in several viral videos that paint him as confused or senile, arguing that many of these videos are edited out of context to serve a political agenda.

The Issue of Deepfakes and Manipulated Videos

One of the key points HasanAbi raised was the prevalence of deepfakes and manipulated videos. These videos often show Biden in an unflattering light, capitalizing on moments where he appears lost or confused. HasanAbi stressed that while some instances might be real, many are edited to exaggerate Biden’s age and cognitive state.

“Bro, that’s the worst possible thing you could say because it’s not a deepfake, just say it’s cut out of context,” HasanAbi remarked. He pointed out that the administration should focus on addressing the context rather than outright dismissing these videos as deepfakes.

The Normandy and Italy Videos

HasanAbi referred to two specific instances: one where Biden was seen thanking troops in Normandy and another in Italy. In both cases, videos were edited to make Biden appear confused, but the full context showed him engaging appropriately after the cut points. HasanAbi criticized the editing tactics, calling them desperate attempts by Republicans to undermine Biden’s credibility.

Biden’s Public Perception: Age and Competence

The discussion inevitably turned to the public perception of Biden’s age and competence. With both Biden and Trump being the oldest candidates in the upcoming election, their mental agility has been a focal point of debate.

The Juneteenth Incident

Another video discussed by HasanAbi showed Biden standing still while music played during a Juneteenth celebration, which some critics used to question his health. HasanAbi dismissed these critiques, highlighting that not dancing isn’t a health issue. He emphasized the absurdity of such attacks and how they reflect a broader strategy to depict Biden as incapable.

The Parachuter Video

HasanAbi also touched on a video where Biden appeared to look at the wrong parachuter during a military ceremony. While the video was edited to make Biden seem confused, HasanAbi noted that it was another instance of selective editing. The full footage revealed Biden looking in the correct direction after a brief moment, which was conveniently cut out in the viral clip.

Broader Implications for Political Discourse

The use of manipulated videos and selective editing in political discourse has far-reaching implications. It not only misleads the public but also distracts from substantive discussions about policies and governance.

The Role of Influencers

Influencers like Jonathan Katz play a crucial role in bridging the gap between the government and the younger generation. Their ability to question leaders and bring critical issues to the forefront is invaluable. However, their interactions can also become flashpoints, as seen in this incident with Biden.

Media Responsibility

HasanAbi’s analysis underscores the responsibility of the media in presenting accurate and context-rich information. Sensationalized clips might garner views and shares, but they contribute to a polarized and misinformed public. The challenge lies in maintaining journalistic integrity while adapting to the fast-paced and visually-driven nature of social media.


The interaction between President Biden and TikTok influencer Jonathan Katz at the White House event highlights the complex dynamics of modern political communication. While Biden’s sharp retort to Katz drew attention, the broader issue remains the manipulation of media to shape political narratives.

HasanAbi’s reaction provided a critical lens through which to view these events, emphasizing the importance of context and the dangers of deepfakes. As the political landscape continues to evolve, the role of influencers, media responsibility, and the public’s discernment will be pivotal in navigating the truth.

In an era where a single video can sway public opinion, it’s more important than ever to look beyond the surface and seek the full story. This incident serves as a reminder of the power of media, the necessity of critical thinking, and the ongoing battle for truth in political discourse.

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