10 Celebrities Trump Hates: A Deep Dive into Hollywood vs. The Donald

July 3, 2024

Politics and entertainment often collide, but the intersection has rarely been as explosive as with Donald Trump. The 45th President of the United States, real estate mogul, and former reality TV star has had no shortage of public feuds, particularly with high-profile celebrities. This blog will delve into the details of these infamous disputes, examining the roots of the animosities and their impacts on both Trump and the celebrities involved.

10 Celebrities Trump Hates

1. Stephen Colbert

The feud between Stephen Colbert and Donald Trump is emblematic of the tension between late-night comedy and politics. Colbert, known for his sharp wit and political commentary, has made Trump a frequent target on “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert.” The animosity began during Trump’s 2015 appearance on Colbert’s show, which was marked by an awkward conversation. Trump labeled Colbert a “no talent guy” after relentless jokes and criticism, particularly following Trump’s denial of the 2020 election results.

Despite the personal jabs from Trump, Colbert has thrived on the material, using it to boost his ratings and solidify his position as a leading voice in political satire. Trump’s disdain only seems to fuel Colbert’s comedic fire, creating a symbiotic relationship where each benefits from the other’s notoriety.

2. Megyn Kelly

Megyn Kelly’s clash with Donald Trump is one of the most well-documented and controversial feuds in recent political history. It began during the first Republican presidential debate in August 2015, when Kelly questioned Trump about his derogatory comments towards women. Trump’s response was aggressive, both during the debate and on social media, leading to a barrage of attacks that Fox News had to publicly address.

Even after a conciliatory interview in 2016, Trump’s hostility towards Kelly persisted. Despite her later support for his campaign, Trump’s animosity remained, showcasing his tendency to hold grudges against those who challenge him publicly. Kelly, on the other hand, used the feud to highlight issues of sexism and bullying, reinforcing her image as a tough, no-nonsense journalist.

3. Samuel L. Jackson

Samuel L. Jackson’s feud with Trump adds a unique twist involving one of Trump’s favorite pastimes: golf. The conflict started when Jackson accused Trump of cheating at golf and sending him a bill for a golf club membership despite not being a member. Trump denied even knowing Jackson, but the actor, backed by Anthony Anderson and former President Bill Clinton, stood by his story.

Trump’s counter-attack included calling Jackson boring and criticizing his golf swing, which only added fuel to the fire. Jackson’s outspoken nature and Trump’s defensiveness created a highly publicized spat that showcased Trump’s thin skin and Jackson’s unwillingness to back down from a challenge.

4. LaVar Ball

The feud between Donald Trump and LaVar Ball, the outspoken father of NBA player Lonzo Ball, began in 2017 when LaVar’s son, LiAngelo, was arrested in China for shoplifting. Trump claimed credit for securing LiAngelo’s release, but LaVar refused to thank him, sparking a Twitter war. Trump called Ball an “ungrateful fool,” while Ball remained steadfast, later vindicated by an ESPN report that Trump had no involvement in the release.

This feud highlights Trump’s desire for recognition and validation, even in minor international incidents, and LaVar Ball’s refusal to play into the narrative, further cementing his reputation as a defiant and independent figure.

5. Madonna

Madonna’s clash with Trump dates back to her fiery speech at the 2017 Women’s March in Washington, D.C., where she expressed frustration with Trump’s policies and even mentioned thoughts of “blowing up the White House.” Trump labeled her “disgusting,” underscoring his distaste for her outspoken criticism.

Madonna’s comments were controversial and drew ire from various quarters, including Trump’s supporters. Yet, her defiance also resonated with many who opposed Trump’s presidency, solidifying her role as a vocal critic in the celebrity sphere.

6. Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg and Donald Trump’s relationship soured dramatically after Trump became president. In 2017, Snoop released a music video where he aimed a gun at a clown resembling Trump. Trump responded with a Twitter tirade, criticizing Snoop for his disrespect.

The dynamic took an interesting turn when Snoop sought a pardon for his friend, Michael “Harry O” Harris. Despite past grievances, Trump granted the pardon, leading to a surprising shift in Snoop’s tone towards Trump, though skepticism about the sincerity of this newfound respect remains.

7. Rosie O’Donnell

Perhaps one of Trump’s longest-running and most bitter feuds is with comedian Rosie O’Donnell. The animosity began in 2006 when O’Donnell criticized Trump over his handling of the Miss USA pageant. Trump retaliated with relentless personal attacks that continued for years, peaking during the Republican primary debates when he infamously referenced her.

Even after Trump’s presidency, the feud remained alive. O’Donnell’s celebration of Trump’s legal troubles in 2024 shows that this animosity is far from resolved, illustrating how deeply personal and enduring some of Trump’s grudges can be.

8. Alec Baldwin

Alec Baldwin’s portrayal of Trump on “Saturday Night Live” became a cultural touchstone during the 2016 election and Trump’s presidency. Baldwin’s exaggerated impersonation won critical acclaim and an Emmy, but Trump despised it, calling it “mean-spirited” and “not very good.”

Despite Trump’s criticisms, Baldwin continued the portrayal, underscoring the role of satire in political discourse. The ongoing feud highlights how Trump’s sensitivity to criticism often fuels greater scrutiny and mockery.

9. Kathy Griffin

Kathy Griffin’s controversial photo in 2017, showing her holding a bloody mask resembling Trump’s head, led to severe backlash, including from Trump himself. He called the stunt “sick” and said Griffin should be ashamed. The fallout included lost gigs and sponsorships for Griffin, who later apologized.

Griffin’s case exemplifies the risks celebrities face when engaging in extreme political statements, especially those targeting the president. It also demonstrates Trump’s ability to mobilize his supporters against perceived enemies.

10. Robert De Niro

Robert De Niro’s disdain for Trump is well-documented and intensely personal. De Niro’s criticism began during Trump’s campaign and continued throughout his presidency, with the actor calling Trump everything from a “grubby real estate hustler” to “unfit for office.” Trump responded by mocking De Niro’s intelligence and career.

The De Niro-Trump feud stands out for its vitriol and consistency, with De Niro often using his platform to denounce Trump publicly. This animosity reflects broader divisions in American society, where politics and personal beliefs intersect with public personas.

Conclusion: The Impact of Celebrity Feuds

Donald Trump’s feuds with celebrities are more than just personal vendettas; they reflect deeper cultural and political divides. These disputes often highlight issues of sexism, racism, and political ideology, amplifying them in the public sphere. For Trump, these feuds serve as both a way to rally his base and a means of asserting dominance over his critics. For the celebrities, these conflicts can be a double-edged sword, offering both increased visibility and potential backlash.

In the end, these high-profile feuds reveal much about the personalities involved and the broader societal context in which they occur. Whether viewed as entertainment or serious political discourse, they undeniably shape public perception and contribute to the ongoing narrative of Trump’s polarizing influence on American culture.

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